A group of paranormal researchers have uncovered what they believe to be an alien near the city of Nazca in Peru. The latest news comes after researchers found a headless, mummified humanoid figure with three fingers last month in the same spot outside of Nazca. The researchers have named the non-humanoid Maria and they have been running scientific tests on the so-called alien to determine just exactly what it is. As part of this team continues to run the tests in a laboratory, the rest of the gang keeps digging at the archaeological spot that may once and for all prove the existence of aliens.

Since the discovery of Maria, the paranormal researchers have unearthed another three-fingered tiny alien mummy, but this time with the head attached as Metro UK reports. The head is longer than that of a human and pretty much looks like the aliens that we've seen time and time again, but this one looks slightly like the late great Gary Coleman. Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist has been on the expeditions, and has been telling the public to keep an open mind instead of just blindly dismissing the discoveries.

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Maussan has, according to his Wikipedia page, been at the forefront of science for decades now, making predictions that have started to become realities. For instance, Maussan correctly predicted that NASA would find water on Mars and was speaking of the dangers of global warming back in the 1980s. In addition, Maussan has preached for years that there is intelligent life on distant planets, something that NASA has said could be true as of February of 2017. Maussan and his crew claim that carbon dating has placed the specimens at around 245 - 410 A.D., but there has not been any outside verification. While Maussan is telling the public to keep an open mind, many are naysaying his discoveries as a not-so clever conspiracy or hoax.

Many in the scientific community are claiming that what Jaime Maussan and his team have "found" are actually just plaster casts. In fact, author of the UFO Investigations Manual Nigel Watson is calling it "110%" fake. The World Congress on Mummy Studies has claimed the findings to be a fraud and even went a little further to discredit Maussan by saying that the findings are "an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation." Could these other scientists and researchers be jealous of the new findings or are they leading their own elaborate hoax to keep the information from reaching the news?

At this time, the search still continues outside of Nazca, Peru for proof of extra-terrestrial life and only time will tell what they dig up next. Maussan has said that "People has (sic) to understand that these kind of bodies has (sic) always been in the had of the government and the military. It is the first time we have this chance and we have to take it." While the validity of their claims is still up in the air, the team of paranormal researchers soldiers on in an attempt to educate the world about the proof of intelligent life outside of our own. Check out the images below and decide for yourself.