An Alien fan in Spain just might appreciate the classic Ridley Scott sci-fi movie more than the rest of us. In a video that's been posted online and has since gone viral, a fan who goes by Luis Nostromo reveals his personal Alien museum that's been created from scratch in his Barcelona apartment. This even includes a recreation of the actual Nostromo ship, and it's clear that stepping inside would immediately make one feel like they're Ellen Ripley herself. Watch the video below.

The video also highlights many other awesome Alien collectibles that make up the "Alien Museum." Hoping to further expand by including more from the franchise in the museum, Luis has launched a Patreon for donors to help him build more with monetary donations. The goal is to move the museum into a bigger place with more rooms to make exploring the Nostromo feel much more genuine.

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On his Patreon page, the artist states: "As some of you may know I have created a small recreation of ALIEN's ship but my idea in the future is to recreate the other scenarios and for that I need your help. Get a bigger place so that you can finally walk through a replica of the Nostromo and experience the feeling of being in the movie. If you contribute your grain of sand, this can become a reality in Barcelona."

"There will be a last room for ALIEN³ and the rest of the movies, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus and Alien Covenant," Luis added in the YouTube video description.

For many fans of the series, the original Alien remains the best of them all. Based on a story by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, the screenplay was penned by O'Bannon with Ridley Scott directing. The movie is the first to feature Sigourney Weaver as fan favorite Xenomorph slayer Ellen Ripley, and its memorable cast also included Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm, and Yaphet Kotto. It won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and is widely considered to be among the greatest movies of all time.

Because the sequels also have their fans, and that's certainly the case with Aliens, the franchise remains popular to this day. Weaver would return as Ripley in several sequels, but while there were plans in more recent years to bring the character back in a new movie, it apparently wasn't meant to be. The latest installment of the movie series, which was also directed by Ridley Scott, was 2017's Alien: Covenant, which serves as a sequel to the first Alien.

It's not clear when the Alien series will be back in theaters, but the latest news on the series suggests it will next be seen on the small screen. In December, it was announced at Disney's Investor Day presentation that an Alien TV series based on the franchise was currently in development for FX on Hulu. Scott and Legion creator Noah Hawley are also involved in the series, which will reportedly be set on Earth in the near future. No word yet on when the series will begin filming.

You can stay updated on the museum by following Luis Nostromo on Instagram, and those willing to help him in his mission to expand can support him on Patreon. The video tour of the Nostromo was posted by Luis Nostromo on YouTube.