Over the last few weeks, Ridley Scott has been making the promotional rounds for his highly-anticipated sci-fi drama The Martian, which is already getting Oscar buzz ahead of its release this weekend. The filmmaker has also been discussing his Prometheus follow-up, which was recently given the new title of Alien: Paradise Lost. Many fans were disappointed that Prometheus didn't have much connection to the director's original classic Alien, but that will certainly change. While speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Ridley Scott confirmed that John Milton's classic story Paradise Lost helped inform his sequel to Prometheus.

"Have you ever read Paradise Lost, by Milton? In a funny kind of way, it's an interesting basis for the darkness of [Prometheus 2]. Where the good-looking guy, who is evil as s-t, gets all the girls and goes to the nightclubs. The other guy, who is not quite as good-looking, is boring as hell and stays home. So in a funny kind of way, we used that as the basis for it, it'll be Alien: Paradise Lost. Which is very spooky, because it continues after the last one, where Elizabeth Shaw [Noomi Rapace] says, 'I wanna go where they came from.' And you've got Michael Fassbender in two parts, so she'll slowly put him back together. They will go to the world of the Engineer. That's where they're going to go. They will find out who would design such an awful bio-mechanoid creature, like a massive piece of bacteria."
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Ridley Scott revealed last week that Alien: Paradise Lost will connect to the original Alien character Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), along with the original creatures known as the Xenomorphs. The director has also teased that he is planning multiple Prometheus sequels, with either the third or fourth movie connecting directly to the Alien franchise. How the connections will be made in any of these movies has not been revealed, but with shooting set to begin in January 2016, hopefully we'll get some new details soon.

Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender were the only Prometheus characters to survive, so don't expect anyone else from the original movie popping up in the sequel. With that being said, it isn't known what new characters have been added into this story by screenwriters Jack Paglen and Michael Green. As Ridley Scott mentioned, Shaw and David will be seeking out the home planet of The Engineers, in order to unlock secrets about humanity's creation. Whether or not they succeed is certainly unclear, but there will surely be much more to tell between the end of this sequel and the start of Alien.

Ridley Scott confirmed last year that the sequel will feature a new alien. The filmmaker added that the "baby alien" in Prometheus was "very close" to the creature from his original Alien movie, adding that this extraterrestrial in the sequel will be much different. What do you think about these new details? Are you looking forward to Alien: Paradise Lost?