We reported back in July that Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof was rewriting the Untitled Alien Prequel script. Vulture is now stating that 20th Century Fox executives are "very pleased" with that revised script, and there is also talk of actress Natalie Portman joining the project.

Right now, Natalie Portman is at the top of the casting wish list for this lead role, said to be a female Marine General. The actress became available after turning down the lead role in Gravity. She has stepped away from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in recent weeks as well. We reported last week that Noomi Rapace is in talks for the lead and a favorite of director Ridley Scott. Vulture's new report indicates that she is currently behind Natalie Portman in contention for this lead role.

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Damon Lindelof's script was so well-received in part because it doesn't add any large-scale set pieces to the movie, which will drive up a budget that is already estimated to be between $150 and $160 million. Another reason is that the movie can be geared toward a PG-13 rating. Here's a quote from one of the site's insiders:

"The thinking is that if the original Alien were released today, minus the F-bombs, you could still get a PG-13. Alien is a very Jaws-ian movie: There's no sex, and while there's lots of violence, most of it is off-camera. Maybe you'd have to cut away from certain scenes two seconds earlier, but it could be done."

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