What's Playing has gotten their hands on what they claim to be the Untitled Alien Prequel script, written by Jon Spaihts with revisions from Lost's Damon Lindelof. Some intriguing details have emerged from this report, with What's Playing citing a story that is a "much deeper, more profound character study" than any other installment in the original Alien franchise.

The supposed plot centers around a friendly group of beings known as "Growers", whom fans will recognize from the original Alien as "space jockeys". This intergalactic group is traveling from civilization to civilization, looking for planets to cultivate and "terraform". They use mind-control to enslave the various different species of whatever planet they're on, and they seem to pose no clue about humanity. One example given from the script details this fact, with the asexual "Growers" forcing two male slaves named Fin and Karik to breed, unaware that there are heterosexual life forms throughout the galaxy. Though, it is unclear how homosexual slave love will be represented in a PG-13 rated movie.

The signature "aliens" of the title don't appear until the second half of the script. The "Growers" have been using these aliens as biological tools in the terraforming process. And they transform and grow into what we're accustomed to seeing in the past sequels as the plot progresses. There will also be new and different alien creatures showcased throughout the prequel. Other characters besides the male slaves Fin and Karik include a spaceship crew featuring an African-American female name Oliver who is reminiscent of Aliens' Vasquez, and a female marine named Turks, a role that is rumored to have been /update-ridley-scott-doesnt-want-gemma-arterton-for-alien-prequels/offered to Gemma Arterton.

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What's Playing also hints that Ridley Scott has an offer out to Lance Henriksen, but it is unclear if he will be reprising his role as Charles Bishop Weyland.

The validity of What's Playing's script details only comes from the fact that 20th Century Fox "supposedly " asked them to remove their story after it was published. We do not know at this time if what they have stated is accurate, or if any of these story details will eventually wind up in the finished film.

CLICK HERE to read the full report but beware of spoilers.