There is a growing list of names being associated with Ridley Scott's upcoming Untitled Alien Prequel, and the latest actors being added to that casting wish list are James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Bloody Disgusting has revealed that both actors are interested in the sci-fi horror prequel, but who they will play is not clear at the moment.

This news comes hot on the heels of another /alien-prequel-eyeing-natalie-portman/report from last week that claimed Natalie Portman is gearing up to take the lead in the Untitled Alien Prequel, playing a female Marine general. We're also still hearing that Ridley Scott really /alien-prequel-eyeing-noomi-rapace/wants to cast Noomi Rapace in the same role.

Lost's Damon Lindelof has written a new draft of the Untitled Alien Prequel screenplay that 20th Century Fox is extremely excited about. It is unclear at the moment how Ridley Scott feels about this particular version of the story, though. As it is geared towards a PG-13 rating, and Scott has made it clear that he wants his movie to be a hard R.

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Fox is moving fast to get the Untitled Alien Prequel before cameras, with or without Scott's involvement. Official casting announcements are expected soon.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange