Owners of Arizona's infamous "Alien Ranch" have put the property up for sale, and it can be yours for a mere $5 million dollars. The owners are desperate to get rid of their Stardust Ranch, where they claim they have been terrorized by aliens for the past 20 years. In addition to getting probed and attacked by extraterrestrials, the property also comes with a pretty sweet swimming pool, which you will definitely need while living in Arizona. The 10-acre property was even featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures in 2016, so this place has some cred.

John Edmonds and his wife Joyce say the aliens, which they call "greys," (they appear to be little grey men) have been attacking them for over 20 years on the property in Buckeye, Arizona. John, 58, says he has no choice but to slay them with one of his many samurai swords that he keeps around the house. Unfortunately, once they are cut with the samurai blade, the grey bodies vanish immediately afterward, making it impossible for him to preserve them for research. However, John does have photographs that feature blood smeared on the ground with a samurai sword above the mess. It isn't clear why John hasn't tried to trap one of the aliens, but that's surely a story for another day as right now, the family just wants to leave.

The property was once put up for sale 11 years ago for a little over a million dollars, but since the Stardust Ranch was shown on the Travel Channel, the price has ballooned up an additional $4 million dollars. The Edmonds family believe that there is a portal on the property, which links them to another universe in which the "greys" travel through. Another one of their theories is that a spaceship or UFO is buried beneath the property, which was built in 1977. John Edmonds says that the aliens pop up at random times, sometimes in groups, but they are always there to do one thing: attack him. Mr. Edmonds isn't the only target of the "greys." As 53-year old Joyce says the mischievous creatures have even sexually molested her in her bedroom.

The Edmonds family run a horse rescue on the property, but the "greys" have been coming more frequently over the past few years, which makes them want to pack up and move their business over to Maine in an effort to ditch the little grey aliens. It isn't clear if the "greys" are doing anything to the horses as the Edmonds family have only talked about themselves as the targets of the abuse. It is nice of John and Joyce to be upfront about the alien attacks on the property because nobody warned them when they bought the 40-year old property 20 years ago.

The 3,436-square-foot home appears to be a regular ranch-style house, with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The listing includes an electronic gate for privacy (except from the aliens). It appears to work for humans, if not extraterrestrials, but we can't tell since the listing does not provide any pictures from inside of the house. The realtor didn't include the inside pictures because of all of the "weird" things that have gone on at the house. If you'd like to purchase the Stardust Ranch, you can receive further information via USA Today. It isn't clear if the samurai swords come with the house or not, so buyer beware.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick