If things had worked out as originally planned, we'd be seeing Sigourney Weaver return as Ellen Ripley this summer in Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5. But that sequel was indefinitely delayed, possibly even canceled, when original Alien director Ridley Scott decided he wanted to return to the franchise for Alien: Covenant, which does not star Sigourney Weaver. But not all hope is lost. The actress decided to reprise the character heading into the weekend, dropping an Alien spoof trailer on The Late Show.

Now, before you get too excited, this could be quite divisive for some of you, as the video is political. Ellen Ripley is still around in the year 2434. Only, she's not fighting off deadly xenomorphs. She's fist-fighting the health care system of the future.

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Sigourney Weaver's return as Ripley was a huge surprise for Stephen Colbert's late night audience. Introducing Weaver, Colbert called Ripley, "One of the first female action heroes." He went onto say this, which, again, will strike some as a divisive statement.

"This is so inspiring. I mean, it gave us all hope that at some point in the distant future women might be allowed to be in charge of something."

In the spoof trailer, Colbert takes on the role of Randy, who works at the Weyland-Yutani Corp. medical bay. Their slogan is, "Where the only thing alien to us is customer service." Randy is seen reading the latest issue of Facehugger Fancy, which contains the article "5 Ways to Make [His] Chest Burst."

Sigourney Weaver storms the set as Ellen Ripley looking for help. There is a Xenomorph growing inside her. It could burst at any minute. Doesn't matter. She still has to wait to be served. Anxious and impatient, Ripley gets serious with Randy in her signature tone.

"Listen, Randroid. You're gonna help me right now. You know why? Because we're in space and in space no one can hear you scream."

That is the iconic tagline from the original 1979 movie. Randy spouts off another classic line, this time from Aliens, in response.

"Nothing, it's game over, it's game over. I got nothing."

Ripley goes onto remind Randy that she's single-handedly saved humanity every 5-8 years for the last three decades. Though, Randy mistakes her for Sarah Connor. To close out the sketch, Randy's burrito, which he consumed earlier, explodes out of his stomach as a whimpering Xenomorph. This offers Sigourney Weaver a chance to shout her most iconic line at the monster.

"Hey, listen, you. I was next in line. Get away from him, you bitch!"

Your love for the sketch could go either way. It's fun to see Sigourney Weaver reprise her Alien role. But it might be hard for some to tolerate whatever is happening in the sketch in regards to health care. You're either on board or you're not. Whatever the take away is, Sigourney Weaver proves she still has what it takes to play Ellen Ripley.