Reebok's iconic Alien Stomper Sneakers are making a comeback! Reebok will release an exact replica of the Aliens High-Top Stompers worn by Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the 1986 sci-fi classic directed by James Cameron. One of the most-requested licensed products of all time, the Reebok Alien Stomper, as well as the mid top version worn by Lance Henriksen as the Android Bishop, are being released by Reebok in limited edition to mark Alien Day.

These iconic movie sneakers will be available beginning April 26th at and select Reebok stores worldwide. This is just one of the exciting announcements made in anticipation of Alien Day, which is happening April 26. The Alien franchise returns to theaters across the country on that date as well. In over 20 cities, including Austin, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, participating Alamo locations as well as partner venues will showcase a double-feature presentation of Alien and Aliens.

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There was also the recent announcement of a dozen and a half key licensing partners, releasing everything from new Alien related comic books, digital games, action figures and high-end collectibles. All these releases and activities culminate with a special 24 hour, fan-focused social media event on April 26th. A nod to LV-426, the planet from the iconic Alien films.

Alien Day (#AlienDay426) will see the kickoff the Alien: Ultimate Trivia Challenge, allowing fans to test their ALIEN knowledgewith the chance to win prizes every 42.6 minutes on Twitter. And of course, as you already know, the highly-anticipated Alien: Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender, will be released in August 2017 by Twentieth Century Fox.

The movie directly connects to the 1979 classic. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world -- whose sole inhabitant is the "synthetic" David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Check out the Reebok Aliens Stomper Sneakers as they appeared in the movie, as as they will appear on store shelves this April!

Reebok Alien Stomper Sneakers
Reebok Alien Stomper Sneakers 2