The full high school play based on the sci-fi classic Alien, as performed by the North Bergen High School drama club, has been uploaded online. This scrappy stage adaptation of Ridley Scott's 1979 classic went viral last month when clips of the first performance surfaced online. These drama students, with virtually no funding, made a full Xenomorph, impressive sets and everything needed to make an authentic play out of one of the most heralded sci-fi movies ever made. That caused tremendous demand for an encore performance, which happened recently on Alien Day, rather appropriately. And, lucky for us, someone uploaded the whole performance online.

Since this is a high school drama club and they can't actually afford, nor can they reasonably schedule, a tour of any kind, this is the only way that many of us will be able to see Alien: The Play in its entirety. A few select clips alone got the internet buzzing so seeing the whole thing should provide even more thrills. That said, the audio quality isn't great and it's definitely an amateur video. Still, it's better than nothing and certainly suits the vibe of how this thing came together in the first place.

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Sigourney Weaver, who plays the franchise's main heroine Ellen Ripley, actually made the trip to North Bergen High to surprise the kids putting on the play. A video of the actress surprising the cast was uploaded to the official Alien Twitter account. Weaver stuck around to watch the show, and to say some kind words on stage before the production commenced. Here's some of what she had to say.

"How exciting is it to be here tonight? This is the night I have been waiting for. I am so excited... I've only been here a couple of hours but I can tell that this is a very special place, in a very special town."

The star also singled out director Perfecto Cuervo and art teacher Steven Defendini, the two instructors who helped to make this whole thing possible. They put the whole production together for just $3,500. They had to get creative in constructing sets, using reclaimed materials and whatever they can get their hands on. Considering all of the constraints, it's amazing what they were able to accomplish.

When the play initially went viral, it caught the attention of director Ridley Scott. He actually penned the students a very heartfelt letter, praising their work ethic and giving his seal of approval to the adaptation. He also sent them $5,000 via his Scott Free production company to ensure that they were able to put on this encore performance. Scott also kindly suggested that they tackle one of his other classics, Gladiator, for their next effort. As someone who spent the entirety of high school in his school's drama department, this whole thing warms my heart to no end. Be sure to check out the full performance below. We've also included the video of Sigourney Weaver surprising the cast from the Alien Anthology Twitter account, for those who may have missed it.

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Ryan Scott