Rumors are abundant on the internet right now about the release of a new Aliens movie. According to London newspaper, The Sunday Express, Sigorney Weaver has signed a 15 million pound deal to star in the new chapter. The Sunday Express also reported that this chapter is supposed to be the beginning in a new series of Alien films set on earth...

Fox has nothing to say about this, so we'll have to see if this rumor pans out. My personal feeling on a fifth Aliens film...well, they shouldn't have even made that fourth one. "Mama..."

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Coming May 8th! The newest collection of X-Files DVDs! Yeah, there is hefty price tag that comes along with owning these full collections of each season, but're paying for some great episodes including, "javascript:open_details|Piper Maru," and "javascript:open_details|Jose Chung's: From Outer Space."

Related: Fat Thor Gets His Own Avengers: Endgame Action Figure at Comic-Con just makes you wish Mulder was still around today.

"The Rental" is still post production. We are waiting for some special effects to be completed as well as the final composition of music. We should have this to you by next week so keep checking in on us!

More trailers have been added to the Movie Trailers section today! I think there is a trailer for every single movie coming out the rest of the year! If not we're getting close. Check out some my personal favorites like Rockstar & Tomb Raider in theIn Theaters section right now!

Just this week new Star Wars Episode: II toys were announced @ The InternatonalToy Fair in NYC! Lights Out staff member, DROID, hates toys in general, but hey these models of the upcoming figures are cool!

Last but not least, I have found some rather interesting websites out there this week. If you are a hardcore "horror gamer" like most of us here at Lights Out are, you'll definitely want to check out one of the coolest evil gaming sites on the web. is sure to curdle your blood, and if Resident Evil is your thing be sure and take a look at New Blood.

Of course no one wants to be actually mentally disturbed by something they found on the internet, but a good friend of Lights Out sent this link to me earlier in the week...WARNING!this will mess you up. Take a look at links like "Motorcycle" & "Farley"over at You've been warned...

Until next time...~Brian

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