Ok so the whole Alien 5 thing was just a huge rumor. If you check out Ain't It Cool's run down on the whole situation I guess this rumor had been resurrected after a 5 year death. The one good thing that came out of this whole thing was that Brock came out of his plush hiding place to let us all in on the scam! So, even though there will be no Alien 5, thank god, Brock is back. Hopefully he'll stick around for a while.

Still in post with Matt Enright's epic "The Rental," but we should be showing this great piece of ass this week! Somedays you just have to risk it for your daily dose of porn...

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I've been spending a lot of time at LikeTelevison.com lately. This is great website! If you haven't tasted it, you should. Just last week they are now screening the full length version of Nosferatu! It's great! Watch the original then check out the Shadow of the Vampire in theaters now.

Another must see is the full length version of The Chinese Connection! Truck Guy was never this good.

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Alright people. Today is the day. Napster gets word back from The Court of Appeals in San Francisco. This verdict is going to let us know if we'll still be able to download all of our favorite Bon Jovi songs without having to pay for them. Keep your ears to the ground all day today. This is big.

Today's javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute is up. Rant. Rave. Mushy.

Brock also had me put up a couple more trailers for really bitchin movies that are coming to theaters. Get to the In Theaters section now and get ready to puke.

Coming soon! Some words on Lights Out original "Twilight's Wrath." Also, the Some May Say music video....

Stay Tuned...~Brian

Brian B.