The Alien series is not in a particularly great position following the disappointment of Alien: Covenant last summer. Ridley Scott remains hopeful that he will get to make at least one more movie in the franchise, but that seems less and less likely by the day. So, where should the popular sci-fi franchise go next? Well, why not to an amusement park with an awesome Aliens roller coaster experience? Thanks to a fan-made virtual Aliens roller coaster, we know that it's not only possible, but that it could be the best thing to happen to the franchise in a very long time.

Fan Hin Nya recently published a video to his YouTube channel titled Aliens: The Ride. The 15-minute video is inspired by James Cameron's Aliens and takes fans on an insane, first-person ride through the world of xenomorphs in a way that, even watching on your computer with the lights off and the sound turned up, is truly incredible. It's tough to even imagine how great this would be, were some theme park, like Disneyland for example, willing to shell out the money needed to actually build this thing.

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For franchise fans, this is about as good as it get. The attention to detail is painstaking and it truly feels like something that is very true to the movies. The virtual attraction was built using the Planet Coaster video game, which was released in 2016. In the game, players are encouraged to build their own amusement park on an otherwise vacant lot. In this case, Hin Nya decided to spend a certainly crazy amount of time building an Aliens roller coaster.

So, what are the odds that something like this could actually happen? Not great. Not that an Aliens ride of some kind seems all that unlikely, but as presented here, there's almost no way. This ride looks like it would be unbelievably expensive to actually make. Granted, a new attraction like this at a theme park would likely bring a lot of attention, but the Alien franchise isn't really a cash cow right now, so it would be very hard to justify doing something like this. Fans can dream though.

Fox currently owns the Alien franchise rights, but Disney recently purchased most of Fox and, assuming the deal is approved, which could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months, then Disney would be the ones to decided to make something like this. Would Disney really shell out the money to make an Aliens ride at Disney World? Probably not. But Disney likes money and if there's money to be made, you never know. For now, be sure to have yourself a fun experience and check out Aliens: The Ride, courtesy of Hin Nya's YouTube channel for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott