There may yet be hope for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel as fans all around the world have rallied to make their voices heard. The ambitious sci-fi flick, which was produced by James Cameron (Avatar) and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) was released earlier this year to a somewhat muted response for such a large blockbuster. But as more and more people have discovered the movie, hope for a sequel has continued to rise and now, #AlitaSequel is trending on Twitter.

As of this writing, there were 15 thousand tweets and counting with the hashtag #AlitaSequel. This comes just days after producer Jon Landau suggested that fans who want to see Alita: Battle Angel 2 should politely let Disney know, since they're now the ones in control of the property. Twitter was flooded with tweets, like the following one from a fan account named after Doc Ido.

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"Today we are raising awareness for the Alita Battle Angel movie and asking Disney, Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox to green light an #AlitaSequel to continue her amazing story. Everyone have a great day!!"

Alita: Battle Angel was originally produced by 20th Century Fox and was adapted from the popular manga series by Yukito Kishiro. James Cameron had intended to direct it himself, but he ended up getting bogged down with his Avatar sequels. Instead, Robert Rodriguez came in to helm what ended up being a $170 million sci-fi epic. Not long after the movie was released in February, Disney's massive $71.3 billion merger with Fox went into effect. And that's incredibly important when it comes to any hopes of a sequel happening.

Disney, like any major studio, is all about bringing in big bucks at the box office. Plain and simple. If they see money in a property and it fits their brand, it will get made. Alita: Battle Angel is right on the borderline. The movie legged its way to $404 million at the global box office, which is probably just enough to not be considered a flop for a movie with a budget that big, but it's also not a huge hit either. Though, it's quite obvious that people continue to discover it on home video, which means the potential audience for a sequel could be much larger.

Is that a gamble Disney is willing to take? Is it a gamble that's even worth it for them? They've already got the aforementioned Avatar sequels, a ton of Marvel movies, including reboots of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, live-action remakes and many other seemingly sure bets in the pipeline. Why risk taking a big loss on what will surely be another massive budget blockbuster? Ultimately, if the demand is there, Disney could be swayed. Those who wish to see it happen would do well to respectfully let the studio know. Be sure to check out some of the #AlitaSequel posts from Twitter below.