It has now been almost a year since Robert Rodriguez's sci-fi action epic Alita: Battle Angel debuted in theaters, and though the movie underperformed financially, this has not stopped fans from crying out for Alita: Battle Angel 2. Well, the movement moved to social media last year, with #AlitaSequel continuing to trend into 2020, and fans are now offering all their reasons for why the movie deserves a sequel. But will Disney listen? One intense Alita fan says this on Twitter.

"After such great loss, sadness & anger combine to forge a heart of steel (and antimatter!). Look at that face. Look into those eyes. Alita is about to cause carnage! We want said carnage! Hollywood, bring on #AlitaSequel after Alita Sequel! You will make tons of money."
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Among the various different posts in support of a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel, are some very good cases for why another trip into the cyberpunk world of Yukito Kishiro's manga Gunnm is not only necessary but earnt. Which, of course, includes the first movie's teasing ending.

"In the Champions League. Where she has a chance at becoming Final Champion... and going to Zalem. Alita! Alita! Alita! Let's hear it for the Battle Angel herself...number 99...Aaaaliiiitaaaaaa! Alita! Alita! Alita!#AlitaSequel."

Fans have also called attention to the deeper themes that the first movie hints at, but needed more time to breathe in the sequel that director Robert Rodriguez no doubt hoped he'd get.

"There's some exploring of transhumanism, mortality and humanity left to do. #AlitaSequel."

Their reasoning also calls upon the sheer amount of plot and backstory in the source material, giving the studio ample material to work with should they ever greenlight a second outing.

"There's so much more to the world of Alita: Battle Angel. 20+ years of stories need to be told on the big screen! @Disney please approve an #AlitaSequel! @20thcentury @DisneyStudios @DisneyMovies."

Fans of said source material are utterly desperate to see the stories they have read be brought to life on the big screen, even calling out Disney and James Cameron specifically in the hopes that they will get the message.

"As a fan of the original source material, the Jashugan arc and Zapan arc are both story too good that had to be put on the big screen, I really want to see that! #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel @AlitaMovie @Disney @DisneyStudios @20thcentury @jonlandau @Rodriguez @JimCameron."

Of course, at the end of it, all this comes down to money and the fact that Alita: Battle Angel failed to bring in as much as the studio wanted. But, some fans have assured Disney that if they bring Alita back, this could be their newest billion dollar franchise to add to their ever-growing roster.

"@DisneyStudios @20thcentury if you green light the #AlitaSequel and market properly, this WILL BE your next billion-dollar franchise. One with enough source material to make like 20 movies! And Alita Army will market 24/7 for free!"

Regardless of whether this changes any minds in Hollywood, it is very clear that the desire for a sequel is there, and that these fans are not going away any time soon, so Disney better get used to their outcries.

"@doc_ido @TheLast_300 @AlitaArmy As of 5:50PM Pacific Time, the Alita tweets are summing to 19,400 tweets. Also, Alita is showing right now on HBO (9PM). #AlitaSequel."

For the time being, we will have to just sit back and enjoy the first movie, but who knows what the future might bring. This comes to us from Twitter.