The Good

I am constantly amazed by how much more information animation can convey in a half hour as opposed to a live action show.

The Bad

I would have liked a featurette on how these shows were drawn.

Our friends from All Dogs Go to Heaven return in this four episode DVD All Dogs Go to Heaven - The Series: Dogs Undercover. See Charlie, Itchy and all their friends as they return to the 1930s, get hypnotized and deal with three versions of Charlie as a byproduct of a multiplying machine.

All in all, I think All Dogs Go to Heaven - The Series: Dogs Undercover is a fun filled DVD that continues the inventive nature of the original film.


No Extras came with this DVD.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. There is a simplicity to the animation and the drawings on these four episodes that really lend themselves to the small screen. I love the almost unfinished look this show has with many of the exteriors, but at the same time you know that it is all a part of the All Dogs Go to Heaven style.


Dolby Digital - English: Stereo. French - Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and French. Close Captioned. Like the other DVD that I reviewed, I think the sound here is steady if not spectacular. Everything played in a decently leveled way but nothing really grabbed me.


Again, all our favorite canine friends are represented on this front cover that seems to be going for a purple look in this edition. The characters continue to sparkle on both the front and back of this cover, and I love the shot of Charlie looking like a private eye. There is an index and a description of the episodes that make up this disc, as well as a cast list and some technical specs.

Final Word

I have really come to like these characters from All Dogs Go To Heaven. Granted, I sort of had a crash course in them when the site handed me a bunch of DVDs to review, but I hadn't expected to like the characters of Charlie, Itchy, Anabelle and Sasha as much as I do. What I think is special about All Dogs Go to Heaven - The Series: Dogs Undercover is that even though it is technically for kids, I think this show played very well to an adult sensibility. As a result, I think this DVD can play to the entire family.

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