The Good

Who doesn't live seeing a serialized version of Charlie and Itchy's friendship?

The Bad

No extras?

I had heard about All Dogs Go to Heaven my whole life but I had never actually seen the animated movie. As you can guess, I also didn't know that All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series - Friends to the Rescue was a DVD assortment of episodes that were based on the film. This disc contains four episodes, all of which detail the exploits of best friends Charlie and Itchy.

Whether they are fighting over a girl, switching bodies or getting into arguments, All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series - Friends to the Rescue shows the true meaning of the term, "Friends til the End."


No Extras came on this DVD.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. What really grabbed me about this show were the colors. Everything seems to have more of a darker tone to it. The subject matter is pretty light and bubbly, but I thought the concentrated look of the color tones was a nice approach.


Dolby Digital. English - Stereo and French Dolby Surround. Subtitled in English and French. Close Captioned. Other than the animation being a little off with the audio, which it always seems to be in every cartoon, I didn't notice anything about the audio. Other than that, I didn't have to turn up my TV that loud.


All the dogs are present and accounted for on this front cover. There is a large use of blue with all the dogs seeming to have a sparkling glow about them. The back features some more shots of the dogs, an episode listing and description, a cast list and some technical specs. Simple packaging for a simple DVD.

Final Word

Having done some research on the internet it appears that All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series ran from 1996 to 1999. While I know that there obviously had to be more than the four episodes that make up this DVD, I am surprised that I didn't even hear about the show until now. Overall, I liked this DVD. I am big fan of 2D animation that takes the medium seriously, and while Charlie and Itchy get into their share of zaniness, the friendship between the two animals is the heart of this show.

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