Allison Janney is hitting a comic doubleheader, landing roles in Sam Mendes' tentatively titled This Must Be the Place for Focus Features and the Eddie Murphy vehicle A Thousand Words for DreamWorks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in Brian Robbins' A Thousand Words, Janney plays Murphy's boss, a savvy, money-grubbing head of a literary agency. Murphy plays a man who discovers he only has a thousand words left to say before he dies.

In Mendes' relationship comedy, Janney plays a loud, brassy, decidedly un-PC woman who admittedly has a few screws loose. She reunites with a former employee in Phoenix, where the expectant mother/employee (Maya Rudolph) begins a tour of the country with her husband (John Krasinski) to find the best place to raise their child. Toni Collette and Cheryl Hines also star.

Following the Los Angeles and Arizona shoots, Janney heads to Broadway for a lead role in Dolly Parton's fall Broadway musical adaptation of "9 to 5."