The Asylum is one step ahead of Marvel Studios, as they will be releasing their own version of the Norse mythology tale Thor ahead of Kenneth Branagh's take on the character. Titled Almighty Thor, this homage of sorts stars Cody Deal, whom you may remember as Roman Soldier at Caesar's Palace in The Hangover or Strip Club Patron in Get Him to the Greek, as the Norse thunder god who must defeat the villainous Loki (are you ready for this...Richard Grieco! I can tell by the look on your face that you weren't ready for that) before he can destroy the world of Gods and the world of men. Former WWE superstar Kevin Nash will play Odin, the King of Valhalla. And Patricia Velasquez (The Mummy Returns) is set to play Jamsaxa, the demigoddess who trains Thor for his ultimate confrontation with Loki. You can take a look at Cody Deal as Thor and Richard Grieco as Loki in the set photos below:

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #1

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #2

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Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #3

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #4

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #5

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #6

Almighty <strong><em>Thor</em></strong> Set Photo #7

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