Alone in the Dark is going to be alone longer!

In a story from Bloody Disgusting, it seems they spoke with director Uwe Boll or something because the newer version of Alone in the Dark will actually contain 8 more minutes of unseen footage.

Lionsgate will be releasing this new version of the film on September 25.

Boll states, "The new version is only 3 minutes longer than the old one, but totally different edited (less Tara Reid ... more Action!)."


Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) is a detective with Bureau 713, a secret investigative team affiliated with the United States government that explores supernatural and paranormal events. One of Carnby's assignments leads him to discover the secrets of the Abskani, an ancient tribe that worshiped demonic forces which gave them incredible powers. Carnby's findings suggest that the Abskani are poised to return to take over the world, and only one person has the knowledge to stop them -- archeologist Aline Cedrac (Tara Reid), who happens to be Carnby's former girlfriend. But Carnby's psyche has been tainted by his encounter with the Abskani demons, and he must now fight against their attempts to take over his mind as well as their attempts to conquer the Earth.

DVD Features:

- Audio Commentary by Uwe Boll

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