Alyssa Milano is speaking out over her recent blackface backlash. An image of the actress in dark makeup resurfaced earlier this week with many claiming it was blackface. While the image is real, Milano says she was parodying Snooki from Jersey Shore for a Funny or Die skit. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is one of the stars from the hit MTV series and is well known for her rather extreme tan. Milano and Snooki are both of Italian heritage. Milano had this to say.

Websites started picking up the blackface story and so did social media, which is how Alyssa Milano caught wind of it. On Monday, Milano spoke out about "cancel culture" and how it is being "weaponized" to silence people who aren't really big fans of President Donald Trump. The actress is a massive critic of the president and his administration, which leads to constant attacks on social media. She explains.

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"Cancel culture is being weaponized by the right/Putin. Take notice of who they are targeting & what is trending. Are they trying to hurt Trump's most vocal critics? Yup. The misinformation campaign has begun. Be vigilant in what you post on social media. Truth still matters."

Over the past few weeks, conservatives have been blasting comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern, who are also vocal critics of Donald Trump, for doing blackface earlier in their careers. Sitcoms have deleted episodes from streaming platforms and apologies have been made. However, Alyssa Milano was clearly doing an impression of Snooki, not doing blackface. She even posted the Funny or Die video for viewers to see.

Alyssa Milano was recently torched on social media for wearing a crocheted mask with her family. The mask debate is a point of contention for many people in the United States, so Milano critics loved pouncing on her for being "stupid." Much like this time with the blackface, Milano was forced to explain herself. "A**holes, mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe," she said. Milano's mother makes the masks and puts a carbon filter inside them.

Even though Alyssa Milano was not doing blackface and proved that her mask has a carbon filter in it, people still don't want to believe her and would rather continue to try and "cancel" her for being "racist" and "a special kind of stupid." Even when presented with proof, some people just like to spread chaos and misinformation for fun. You can check out Alyssa Milano's Twitter response above and watch the Funny or Die sketch below.