According to Production Weekly, Amanda Bynes is attached to play the title role in Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, with Joe Nussbaum set to direct the film scheduled to begin January in Florida. The script by Chad Creasey, is an updated version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale is set among students in their freshman year of college in the Greek system.

Rachel rules the Kappa Phi Sorority, she's the reigning #1 hottie on UPAC's "hot or not" website, she is used to being the fairest of them all, her sorority sisters are more like servants than friends. She judges pledges based on the blondeness of their hair, their family's net worth and their political connections, so it drives her insane when Sydney White, the daughter of a plumber (and a brunette, no less), challenges Rachel's status on campus and steals Rachel's would-be boyfriend Blaine, the President of the Tri Omega Fraternity, away from her.