It was just recently announced what Zack Snyder's follow-up film to Watchmen will be, and there are already casting rumors flying through the web. caught up with Snyder recently and he revealed that Amanda Seyfried is a possible candidate for the lead of his new film Sucker Punch.

I am hearing a name that may be the lead in Sucker Punch.

ZS: What name have you heard?

IESB: Amanda Seyfried.

ZS: Where did you hear that from? You're good! We'll see, we're trying to so...She's great.

IESB: She is great.

ZS: She's cool. So we'll see.

IESB: How close?

ZS: I don't know, I mean, she's got some other obligations and we're just trying to figure that out.

IESB: They just signed her up for something else recently right?

ZS: Yeah, that's not the thing I am worried about but anyway, I won't go into it, but let's just say...I think we're looking at, like, what I would consider a lot of great, really great girls. Because it's all girls so it's like, yeah.

IESB: But potentially she would be the lead.

ZS: It would be great if it worked out.

CLICK HERE to read more on Snyder's plans for the new film. Sucker Punch is said to be eyeing up a 2011 release date.