Fernando Sucre himself gives us the straight dope on what the fans can expect from this riveting show

Recently during an interview with Amaury Nolasco to promote the DVD release of Prison Break: Season 2, we have a chance to ask him what fans can expect from Season 3 of this rabidly popular show.

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What can the fans expect from Season 3 of Prison Break?

Amaury Nolasco: First of all, they're in for a ride, again. Season 3 is based in the realm of Midnight Express. It's based on a lawless prison. There's no guards. There's no... it's survival of the fittest. We've got characters like T-Bag (Robert Knepper), Mahone (William Fichtner)... they're all inside. We've got characters like Lincoln and Sucre outside trying to find a way to break out these guys. We've got Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and LJ (Marshall Allman) being kidnapped as leverage to make Michael do what the conspiracy people want him to do inside of the prison. There's a reason why they put him inside that prison. It's the worse prison there is in Panama, where they put all the biggest criminals. Again, the writers are just pushing the envelope with stories that will blow your mind.

Are you constantly surprised by the things they have your character doing on the show?

Amaury Nolasco: All the time. (Laughs) You guys are going to be surprised. Let me just give you a little of a hint... remember in the First Season, Episode 2... Michael gets one of his toes cut off? That was banned, there was a ban on the show right away. We're not gonna play around or beat around the bush, I know it's network, but we're gonna push the envelope. That makes it look like nothing compared to what you're gonna see. This prison makes Joliet look like a 5 Star hotel. That's all I am gonna say, just watch.

Prison Break Season 3 begins airing on Fox September 17.

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