Earlier today, Sony Pictures did what many were expecting them to do for months, shift The Amazing Spider-Man 3 into an undetermined 2018 release date slot, while moving The Sinister Six into 2016. Many wondered if this move suggested the studio was planning to scrap The Amazing Spider-Man 3 altogether, and reboot the franchise once again. However, at story from The Hollywood Reporter claims that, while the studio does want to "freshen" the brand, a reboot is not in play, with Marc Webb returning to complete his trilogy with The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

"Privately, Sony admits it is seeking to freshen the brand but has no major overhaul plans, with Webb expected to return to complete the trilogy (as Sam Raimi did with the first three films)."

Marc Webb was confirmed to direct the third installment of this rebooted franchise in February, although this is believed to be his last Spider-Man movie.

The site also notes that The Amazing Spider-Man 4, which was once set for a May 4, 2018 release date that Marvel snatched up earlier today, has been taken off of Sony's schedule entirely. Naturally, Andrew Garfield will be back, although the actor will be nearly 35 years old when the next Spidey adventure hits the big screen in 2018. Jamie Foxx, who played the villainous Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, won't be back for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but he may come back for The Sinister Six spin-off.

After writer-producer Roberto Orci left The Amazing Spider-Man 3 earlier this month, it was suggested that Sony wasn't sure what to do with the franchise, after the underwhelming box office results of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The sequel took in a disappointing $201 million at the box office, which is $100 million less than the studio was projecting, although its $504 million international tally brings its worldwide total to a respectable $705 million. However, that is still shy of The Amazing Spider-Man's $758 worldwide total in 2012.

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