The 1985 anthology series Amazing Stories is being revived on NBC. Sad news is, original producer Steven Spielberg isn't going to be involved. Instead, this reboot of the cult classic is being developed by Bryan Fuller, who just wrapped up as Hannibal show runner after three seasons. Joining him are Grey's Anatomy producers Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank.

The new Amazing Stories will still be an anthology series that spans a number of genres, including horror, sci-fi, animation, comedy and fantasy. Bryan Fuller is writing the pilot script. It will be an hour long weekly show that tells 'fantastic, strange and supernatural stories.' The original Amazing Stories ran for two seasons. Spielberg created the show, writing and directing several episodes. During it's limited run, it earned 12 Emmy nominations, and took home 5 awards.

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Universal Television is producing the Amazing Stories revival. This will be Bryan Fuller's first series with NBC since Hannibal was canceled. That show ended this past summer. Bryan Fuller is also the show runner on the upcoming Starz series American Gods, which is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman.

Though an old TV staple, anthology series are suddenly very popular again. The trend was revived by FX with 2011's American Horror Story. Though in that series, each season is its own self-contained story, as opposed to each episode being its own thing. FX's 2014 smash hit Fargo and HBO's True Detective both followed this format. Like the original, Amazing Stories will tell an all-new story each week with no connection between them.

The UK series Black Mirror also uses this The Twilight Zone type of storytelling device. It was recently renewed by Netflix. The CW was hoping to revive Tales from the Crypt in a similar fashion, but the reboot never got an official green light. This new Amazing Stories continues the trend of rebooting retro TV shows for a new audience. Other series coming back for more include Nancy Drew, MacGyver, The A-Team and Fantasy Island. Though, without Steven Spielberg, will this even really be so Amazing?