Amazon is a company that is always doing their best to innovate and make things more convenient for their customers. Especially Amazon Prime subscribers. It's part of what has enabled them to become one of the strongest brands on the planet. But have they finally gone too far? A new service announced recently called Amazon Key literally lets the company deliver packages inside your home, whether or not you're even there.

Before anyone hits the panic button, it should be made clear that Amazon appears to have thought this whole thing out pretty well. Still, that won't make the idea of letting people in your home when you're not around any less unnerving for many. Essentially, Amazon sells Prime members a package that includes an Amazon Cloud Cam, which is pretty much a standard home security camera, and a smart lock that works for the door on your home. Then, the user can allow Amazon deliveries, or anyone providing an Amazon service, into the home to either drop off a package, or do their service.

"Amazon Key is a service exclusively for Prime members that radically improves the convenience of receiving deliveries. Amazon Key enables in-home delivery and secure home access for guests and service appointments."

Using the Amazon Cloud Cam, users can monitor what is going on inside the home, in order to ensure that no funny business happens as a result of letting these people in your home. Amazon released a video detailing the service, showing off the possibilities that exist for those who decided to sign up for the service. Since Amazon has been getting into more services lately, such as grocery delivery and, as this video shows off, home cleaning services, Amazon Key could become an almost essential part of Amazon's future.

So what's Amazon Key going to cost you? For one, you need to be an Amazon Prime member, so if you're not one, that is going to need to be factored in. Assuming you already are one, Amazon sells you a bundle that includes the camera, lock and installation for $249.99. After that, it's free. No monthly charge. However, it's being reported that Amazon is going to use the Amazon Cloud Cam to try and get into the broader security and home monitoring service game, which will surely come at an additional cost, once those services are introduced.

Currently, Amazon Key is only available in 37 cities across the U.S., but they are hoping to expand that in the future. Since they only trust their delivery team to handle these deliveries, it's somewhat limiting. But the service will be available for more than 10 million items. Basically, anything that isn't overly bulky. Those interested can pre-order the Amazon Key package right now, with the Amazon Key app and service actually kicking off on November 8. So if Amazon drones weren't enough for you, now they can get into your house. The future is now, folks. Be sure to check out the Amazon Key announcement video, courtesy of the Amazon YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott