Actresses Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively talk about the sisterhood in their new movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Q: Did you all become good friends?

AT: We all hated each other. [Laughs]

Q: You had to spend a lot of time away from each to tell your own stories.

AT: Which was torture because we really missed each other for real. We became incredibly good friends when we were up there [Vancouver]. Really, really close friends, fast, which is interesting because that's what it needed for the movie but it just happened to be that it worked that way. Usually, you get girls with like minds and it just happens, I guess.

Q: Were there a lot of try on session with the jeans?

BL:: Lycra? Right. Alexis size.

AT: No, there wasn't a lot, not a lot to do with the jeans.

BL: The jeans aren't really that prominent of a role in this movie.

AT: Even though there's a gigantor butt on the add. Whose butt do you think that is? Not mine, ok honey.

Q: Did you have a group of girlfriends like that?

BL: I still do. I have a friend, my friend Jessica who I've had since I was 3 years old and my friend Brittany who I've had since I've had seventh grade and we can fight like no tomorrow and we can have these crazy times and prank, and go do nothing together and it's this great friendship because you have such a deep understanding of one another and we know each other so well inside and out that it's amazing.

Q: How did you end up at this audition?

BL: My whole family's been in the business. I've been so busy with high school and I'm in all the clubs there, I'm in all AP classes, I've been in cheer, choir and class president so my past four years at high school have been very busy. I left prom last night to come here.

AT: Or this morning, rather.

BL: But my brother knew how much I would love it and he called his agent who called me up one day because they were kind of pressured into it and they set me up on some auditions and after a very short amount of time I got this movie so I'm very, very, very fortunate.

Q: Were you jealous because Alexis got to spend the summer in Greece?

BL: Well, I got to spend the summer in Cabo.

AT: And I had blue hair! Vancouver is like a vacation for us. It's not Greece, obviously. Looking at the film, some of those shots are just phenomenal. They're so beautiful. It's insane.

Q: Ever had a sucky summer job like your character?

AT: I've been working since I was 11 years old.

Q: On General Hospital, right?

AT: Yeah. It's a good show.

Q: Blake, don't your brothers and sisters have red hair? How did you end up as a blonde?

BL: My whole family is crazy.

AT: Your mom's blond. She's not a red head.

BL: No. She's not. I don't know where the red came from at all. It's not in our bloodline at all. My oldest sister has brown hair but she dyed it red to fit in with the other ones. My brother and next sister down have red hair. Then my other brother has blonde hair and I have blonde hair. But it's changed. The brother with red hair has now turned brown. It's getting lighter. My mom has blonde hair and my dad used to have blond hair but now it's brown. Go figure where the red came in.

Q: How is it growing up as the ideal tall, striking long blond hair girl?

BL: I don't think of myself as that. I don't like people to see that. I'm such a dork. I'm such a loser.

Q: Pretty girls say that to us all the time.

AT: But how many of them stay at the Park Hyatt Hotel and set the blanket on fire because of candles next to the bed. It's Lucille Ball right here, guys. This is the biggest klutz you'll ever meet in your life.

BL: I'm a klutz. Every dance I've ever gone to my date waits at the bottom of my stairs I walk down. I have not gone to one dance that I have not fallen down the stairs. Last night everyone was dancing and being cool and freak dancing at prom to some Fifty Cent song and I g et out there and start Riverdancing. I just do what's fun for me. I don't try to fit into any category or anything. I'm crazy and I do whatever it takes to have a good time.

Q: Now that you have had a taste of acting, is it something you want to continue?

BL: Yeah. I got thrown into it. I thought I knew what I was getting into because I've grown up around it but I really had no idea. Like she said, I had my blankie and my pillow. Oh no, it really is work. But I have the bug now. It's so much fun so after high school I'm going to try to pursue acting and see where it takes me.

Q: Are you getting offers now?

BL: I didn't want to do anything this year because I've worked too hard for too many years in school to give it all up to do a movie that who knows which way it will swing. School means so much to me that I don't ever abandon anything that's true to me because if you start early, staying true to what you want then you'll be successful. And I felt like if it was around, if it's meant to be it will be around later. And so, after I graduate I'm just going to welcome it with open arms and see what happens.

Q: Do you play soccer like your character?

BL: Yes. I had two months of soccer training through trainers in Los Angeles and Canada. My brother-in-law took me to all the games with him and his friends and I played with the other girls in Canada. I played for three years when I was young and I was absolutely horrible at it but I loved it. So, when they told me I'd have to learn how to play soccer I was so excited because it's such a fun sport to play.

Q: Amber, growing up in the industry, do you feel like you've had a normal childhood?

AT: If that's what you assume, that says scary things about me growing up because I haven't had a lot of celebrities around me growing up. My father comes from a generation of film that actors my age don't even know about which is really sad. Really sad. So, there are very few people that know what Hit the Deck are and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. You'd be surprised. West Side Story, yeah, that's universal.

Q: Is your mom an actress?

AT: No. My mom teaches a program called Life Skills to kids in middle school, which is like the gnarliest grade ever if you guys remember. It's like horrible. I don't know how she does it and makes no money doing it but she loves this program. She believes in it and she helped develop it. It's a communicational program to help kids and learn how to communicate with each other and respect each other and listen. Which we know for middle school kids is practically impossible.

Q: Would you like to direct one day?

AT: I would love to direct at some point. The idea scares the hell out of me though, only because I know that it's something that I should do, and so therefore there's like that, you know, there's like that in between stage where you're like crap, I know I'd be really good at this, but do I have the patience to deal with it and go through it, and I don't know.

Q: How did you guys bond on this film?

AT: You name it, we did it. We were inseparable. Like, whenever we did our scenes together, we had sleepovers at America's [Ferrera] and just everything, like we went out to dinner with each other, I'd go jogging with America in the morning, we'd work out together, we'd go hiking together, we'd eat dinner, breakfast, lunch together. Go see movies. I'd go dancing with Alexis [Bledel] till like five a.m., there was a really awesome club up there. I actually got her to break dance in a competition, that was another story.

Q: Amber, what is the best piece of advice your father gave you?

AT: s far as acting? Don't get caught acting.

Q: Would you like to work with your father on something other than guest spots on Joan of Arcadia?

AT: Yes, absolutely. I'd like to do a nice meaty piece with my dad. It'd be interesting.

Q: What is your favorite Russ Tamblyn movie?

AT:War of the Gargantuans.

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