Amber Tamblyn is set to star in CBS' drama pilot Babylon Fields. The show is an apocalyptic comedic drama about the dead being resurrected and trying to resume their former lives. The Hollywood Reporter says Tamblyn will play a young woman who, after being abused by her father, teamed with her mom to kill him only to see him come back.

Krista Allen has come aboard NBC's comedy pilot Business Class; it chronicles the adventures of two high-powered soda salesmen (Horatio Sanz, Mark Valley). Allen will play a rep for a competing soft drink company.

Rita Moreno has been tapped to co-star in CBS' untitled Cynthia Cidre drama pilot; it centers on three generations of the Duques, a powerful Latin American family. Moreno will play the family matriarch and mother to Alex Vega (Jimmy Smits). Also cast in the pilot is Michael Trevino as Vega's son.

Jay Harrington is set to star in ABC's comedy pilot The News, which is set at a chaotic Phoenix TV newsroom; Harrington will play a news reporter with an irresistible urge to shake up the establishment. Also cast in the project is Tim Conlon as the male anchor.

Laura Harris has landed the last lead in ABC's drama pilot Women's Murder Club. The show centers on four girlfriends (Angie Harmon, Harris, Paula Newsome, Aubrey Dollar) who solve murder cases.

Robert Vaughn has joined ABC's comedy pilot Family of the Year, which revolves around 10-time family of the year winner the Holloways of Tatum, N.M. Vaughn will play Monty Holloway, the contemptuous grandfather.

Grayson McCouch has come aboard Fox's drama pilot The Apostles, that centers around off-duty cops; McCouch will play an LAPD sergeant.

Justin Hartley has nabbed the CW's untitled Maggie Friedman drama pilot. The show centers on a young female life coach; Hartley will play her roommate.

Faith Ford has joined ABC's comedy pilot Carpoolers; it follows four men who carpool to work. Ford will play the wife of one of them.

According to Variety, K'sun Ray will play Chase in the untitled South Africa pilot from Michael Rauch and CBS Paramount Network TV.