Director Michael Bay is back to doing what he does best, blowing things up, as filming commences on his upcoming action thriller Ambulance. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a pair of thieves who hijack an ambulance to use as a getaway vehicle, the movie is clearly going to be brimming with the same flames and loud noises that the director has become renowned for.

"Filming my new movie. I'm the guy in black on the dolly. We do these controlled but dangerous looking shots. It takes a great crew to make these shots possible. Knowing the physics involved and catch cars. At the end, everyone was safe. This phone video makes it look scarier that it was in person."
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While details for Ambulance are being kept under wraps at present, the movie is an adaptation of a 2005 Danish movie, Ambulancen, and will reportedly be based on a script that has been kicking around for quite some time which follows a war veteran just back from Afghanistan who is drawn by his brother into a bank robbery in downtown Los Angeles. When the robbery goes horribly wrong, the are forced to hijack a, you guessed it, ambulance. Things are made even more complicated bu the fact they have now accidentally taken a hostage in the form of Eliza Gonzalez's paramedic and a patient in critical condition. As the situation escalates, old wounds reopen in the relationship between the brothers as they fight to survive what seems like an impossible situation.

Along with this explosive behind-the-scenes footage comes our first look at one of the central pair, namely Jake Gyllenhaal, as he runs around gun in hand and undoubtedly stressed out over the dramatic situation he has found himself in.

The original movie on which Ambulance is based is interesting in its approach as the main four characters are the only ones credited, with the action taking place entirely within the confines of the titular emergency vehicle. Director Michael Bay will evidently move away from this idea to some extent, as several other cast members have already been announced, but whether Bay's remake will maintain at least some of this same element remains to be seen. Though it seems unlikely as the director would not be able to show off as many of his patented explosions. Of course, Bay could very well be trying something different, and stick to a somewhat minimal, real-time storytelling in honor of the original.

Ambulance sounds like the perfect thrill ride vehicle for Michael Bay to ply his explosive, ludicrously over-the-top trade, with Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen II no doubt elevating the material thanks to their consistently reliable talent. The script was written by Chuck and Legends of Tomorrow's Chris Fedak with James Vanderbilt, Bradley Fischer and Will Sherak producing the project. Ambulance does not yet have a scheduled release date.

Aside from Ambulance, Jake Gyllenhaal is keeping busy, with the actor is due to reunite with Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua for a remake of another Danish thriller, the critically acclaimed The Guilty. The Oscar nominated actor is also teaming up once again with Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve for a mysterious new project sometime in the future, as well as starring opposite Oscar Isaac in director Barry Levinson's Francis And The Godfather, a drama about the legendary and wild battles that went into making the 1972 gangster classic The Godfather. This comes to us from both Michael Bay's official Instagram account .