AMC has decided to create more original programming for its channel. According to Variety, they are producing a fictional drama that revolves around former L.A. Laker Rick Fox. They are also bringing an adaptation of Tim O'Brien's bestseller The Things They Carried to the small screen.

The Rick Fox show will be an hour-long look at pro-ballers on and off the court. The series will center on a fictional pro basketball league, which will give AMC the creative freedom to depict players as the storylines demand. But the series could mean trouble for the NBA, which is especially conscious of its image in the wake of a referee who allegedly bet on games.

AMC will also premier the Vince Gilligan drug drama Breaking Bad on Jan. 17. That show is set to go into production shortly in New Mexico, with nine episodes in total ordered by the net.

AMC's Rob Sorcher stated, "We're not a channel that has a history of original programming, so it takes time for it to seep in to people that we have this kind of programming on. Once we have two successful shows on the air and an annual franchise event, we'll be off and running."