AMC is gearing up to produce a number of new series for broadcast. According to Variety, these will include two westerns, a drama from the executive producer of 24, and an hour-long drama from Peter Gruber.

AMC hopes that one of these pilots will stick, so that they can add a new series to their 2009 line-up. The projects include Fort Smith from 24 exec producer Robert Cochran. This Western will revolve around Isaiah Parker, who polices the Five Points, comprised of five different Indian tribes, with his posse in the lawless post-Civil War West. Another Western also in the works, from Alison Anders and Terry Graham, centers on Comanche leader Quanah Parker, who fights the U.S. Army for the rights to his tribe's land.

Guber is behind the quirky drama Uninvited Guest. And Greenfields is coming from playwright Nicky Silver. None of these programs will air before 2009.