AMC will head to the tumultuous streets of 1960s Harlem for its new TV series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC is developing the new series, Sugar Hill from Alex Winter, Steven Pearl and Allan Loeb.

The series will surround two police detective partners - one white, one black - who walk the beat in the hard streets of Harlem in the late 60s. Winter and Pearl are writing, with Pearl and Loeb executive producing and Winter, who is best known for his performance in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure alongside Keanu Reeves, is co-executive producing.

"As with all our other projects, this seemed to lend itself to unique and interesting characters and the promise of a really cinematic series that could stand side by side with our library of films," AMC vp original programming Jeremy Elice said. Elice also added that the series has the potential to be a serialized program, with closed-ended ended stories.

No production schedule was released for the new series.