To text or not to text. That truly was the question this past week. If the humming blue light and sound of someone clicking away in a theater makes you irate, don't worry. The texters didn't win this round. Though we're barreling towards another decade where social media has taken over many lives, one theater has decided not to bend. And it's all because of the audience.

AMC Theaters heavily considered the idea of allowing audience members to text during certain screenings. But many saw this as offensive as allowing people to smoke in the auditorium. And the overwhelming majority decided that they were not going to stand for this injustice. Because it simply takes away from the moviegoing experience. That's all there is to it.

AMC wanted to allow a small select group of theaters to try out this new initiative. They were set to give moviegoers the option on whether or not they wanted to text during their movie. But AMC has quickly decided to do a 360 on the whole idea. In fact, they've now gone the complete opposite direction and are enforcing a strict 'No Texting' policy during all of their AMC showtimes.

Audiences made it 'loud and clear' that they did not want this option available to them during their moviegoing experience. Today, AMC has announced that here will not be any texting, for any matter, allowed inside any of their auditoriums. If it's emergency, the would-be texter is encouraged to leave their seat and exit into the lobby, unless that option is impossible.

AMC is not the first theater chain to enforce strict no texting options during movies. The Alamo Drafthouse chain has long had this policy in place, and often show hilarious No Talking or Texting PSA's featuring various big stars and cult talent to express the dangers of texting during the movie. And they have notoriously imposed this policy by kicking anyone who breaks the rule out of the theater without a refund. Here's what AMC had to say about their own 'No Texting' policy in a statement to Deadline.

"We'll continue to be as creative as we can to elevate the AMC experience, doing so in partnership with you, our guests, and never in a way that will compromise your love of coming out to the movies."

AMC promises to increase their number of large format screens in the coming years. They also promise to bring in more comfortable seating and will provide the latest in concessions, including new food and beverage choices. They are also working on a better, more functional smartphone app which will be introduced in the very near future.