We don't know when it's coming out, but we do know what the box will look like, and what will be on it.

DVD Active has been provided the DVD cover art for American Gangster. While the pre-order date is January 8, the actual street date for the DVD has not been confirmed as of yet. We do know that it will be released in both standard and HD DVD/DVD combo formats, with the standard priced at $29.98 and the combo to sell for $39.98. The only other thing we know is that this is an Extended Edition with an extra 20 minutes of footage not seen in the theaters.

They will also release a three-disc collectors edition that looks like it comes with a production book as well. We have no details on pricing for this edition, or special features as well. While we wait on those details, here's the two disc edition and collectors edition DVD cover art for your viewing pleasure, with the special feature listings below the artwork.

Check Out the DVD Artwork for American Gangster
Check Out the DVD Artwork for American Gangster

Special Features

- Commentary with Director Ridley Scott and Writer Steven Zaillian (Theatrical Cut only)

Disc 2: Extra Features

- Alternate Opening

- Frank and Eva's Wedding

- Fallen Empire: Making American Gangster

- Tru-Blu: The Real Story

- Killer Threads: Costumes

- Crime War: Production

- Into the Arena: Ali vs. Frazier

- Rhythm of the Street: Sound, - - Music and Editing

- Case Files

- Script Meeting

- Heroin Test Show & Tell

- Setting Up the Takedown

The following are included only in the three-disc collectors edition, which will also include all of the above features.

- Hip-Hop Infusion

- The BET Special: The Making of American Gangster

- Dateline NBC: American Gangster First Look

- "Blue Magic" by Jay Z"

- "Do You Feel Me" by Anthony Hamilton Featureing Ghostface Killah

- Theatrical Trailer

- Second Session Digital Files