God damn it feels good to be a gangster. American Gangster swept both the DVD sales and rental charts for the week ending February 24. The Denzel Washington epic was considered the first major DVD release of the year, and it delivered, selling an estimated 4 million units in its first week. That figure was approximately three times as many units sold than the next competitor, Michael Clayton, which debuted in a distant second place.

Last week's top seller, Why Did I Get Married? dropped to third, but there was a surprising debut in the top 10 this week. Chaos, a straight-to-DVD action flick starring Jason Statham, Ryan Philippe and Wesley Snipes, debuted in seventh place on the sales charts.

American Gangster and Michael Clayton finished 1-2 on the rental charts as well, with American Gangster taking in $9.7 million in rental revenue while Michael Clayton took in a solid $8.2 million in rentals. Last week's top rental, Gone Baby Gone, slid to third place.

On the high-def front, it was more of the same, with Michael Clayton topping the Blu-Ray sales charts and American Gangster topping the HD DVD charts.