One man is looking to go from being an American Gladiator to taking up the shield of The First Avenger: Captain America. According to /Film Mike O'Hearn, known as Titan on the show has a casting session scheduled for the film, in addition to being highly considered for the reboot of Conan coming from Lionsgate.

O'Hearn was on the Todd n'Tyler radio show in Omaha where he discussed his meeting for Conan, saying "Today's not even an audition. They're bringing me in today just to sit me down and talk. How about that? It's even better than an audition!" O'Hearn also claimed to have a casting session scheduled for The First Avenger: Captain America

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The gladiator would be no stranger to either barbarian heroes or superheroes, having portrayed Kane the Barbarian in the 2003 direct-to-DVD film Barbarian, and playing Superman in Sandy Collera's highly-praised fan-film World's Finest.