Game of Thrones is unique in that creator George R.R. Martin wrote one episode per season for Season 1 through Season 4, based on his own novels. Popular author Neil Gaiman is set to carry forward that tradition with American Gods, the new Starz series based on his Hugo and Nebula Award-winning fantasy novel. Producer Bryan Fuller confirmed with Collider that Neil Gaiman has agreed to pen at least a couple of upcoming episodes. He states.

"We are cranking away. Neil Gaiman is going to be writing episodes of the show."
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Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin aren't the only authors who have stepped up and provided teleplays for their adapted work. Stephen King has also written episodes for the popular summer series Under the Dome, which just returned to CBS for Season 3. American Gods, originally published in 2001, follows a war that is brewing between old and new gods, with both mythical heroes and biblical warriors losing their followers to deities that reflect more modern concerns. The new gods are money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs.

Shadow Moon will be the main protagonist, an ex-con hired as the bodyguard of an older god who is attempting to push back against the new gods' glory and success. The hour-long drama has been given a straight-to-series order on Starz. Casting for Shadow Moon is currently underway. Neil Gaiman is sharing executive producer duties alongside Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, who co-created the series adaptation.