To say that Season 1 of American Horror Story was successful is almost an understatement. The series, created by Ryan Murphy and Ryan Murphy, was not only a ratings hit but was nominated for 17 Emmys, with Jessica Lange winning for her portrayal of Constance Langdon. To celebrate the recent Blu-ray and DVD release, Fox Home Entertainment held an event where fans were treated to a few unique perspectives on the series.

First up, we heard from paranormal expert Scott Michaels, who runs the Dearly Departed Tours in Los Angeles, a unique tour experience where fans can see where some of L.A.'s most gruesome murders took place, along with author Tom Ogden. Those who don't live in the City of Angels might not have known that American Horror Story Season 1 references several L.A. murders. Here's what Scott Michaels had to say about the show's connection to Los Angeles' murderous past.

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"There were several amazing nods to some notorious crimes. The Black Dahlia was touched on in a fascinating way. She was murdered in January 1947. To say that she was murdered is an understatement. To say that she was sliced in half was an understatement. Her mouth was slit from ear to ear while she was still alive. Her face was severely beaten. Her legs were broken, and then they scrubbed her clean with her brush. In 1947, things didn't happen like that back then. It was notorious because it's unsolved."

Tom Ogden added that it is believed she may have met whoever murdered her at the Millennium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles

"Her ghost has survived her. What's interesting is she has not returned to the site of the murder. It's strongly believed that she wasn't murdered in the hotel, but she probably met someone there. Her ghost still appears to this day, in period costume, in the lobby, in the elevators, and on the sixth floor. It's surmised that it's very possible that's where she was meeting her murderer."

Tom Ogden also spoke about how the show is taking these historic deaths and spinning them in intriguing ways.

"One of the things that is wonderful about this series is they are taking actual elements of ghost lore, of existing tales, and are incorporating them through the series. Even back in the pilot episode, you'll remember that the family dog immediately ran to the basement and started barking. The family, at that point, had no idea had taken place. Animals, in general, are much more sensitive, in general, than humans, to the spirit world. Other things that were incorporated is the idea of multiple murders and multiple ghosts occurring in one place. It's not that we have a one ghost per one house rule."

Next up, we heard from renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, who hosted a show on TLC entitled Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. She revealed that American Horror Story hit home for her in a profound way.

"I watched American Horror Story, and it scared the crap out of me, because I live in this world. This is my world. I see these things. I hear these things, I feel them. It's my world. Imagine it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and you need the bathroom. You're naked, and there's something there. They're dead, and they're greeting you, and you just want to go pee. That's my world. I got so drawn into it, because I can see the parallels. There were some that were a little far-fetched, but there were some that were like, 'Oh my God. That happened to me.'"

Lastly, actor David Anthony Higgins took the stage, who played the tour guide Stan in three episodes of American Horror Story Season 1. He debuted a bonus feature from the Blu-ray and DVD set, where he reprises his role as Stan, taking another tour actually inside the house that was used in the first season. It's quite an entertaining video, with the Rubber Man subtly toying with the tour patrons along the way, that actually serves as a nice little recap of the first season.

That about wraps it up from my night at the American Horror Story fan event for the Blu-ray and DVD release. Season 2, dubbed American Horror Story: Asylum, debuts Wednesday, October 17 at 10 PM ET on FX.