Two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange will make her series television debut with American Horror Story for Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Jessica Lange will play the irritating neighbor of Vivien Harmon, who we reported last month is being played by Connie Britton. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are currently rewriting the pilot to make Jessica Lange the third lead character.

Not much is known about the plot of American Horror Story, although Vivien Harmon is described as a powerful woman who is married to a timid therapist, Ben. While the Ben role has not been cast yet, Denis O'Hare has signed on to play "Larry the burn guy."

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk wrote the pilot script, which Murphy will direct. Production will start on the American Horror Story pilot later this month. Although it hasn't officially been picked up yet, FX is apparently already targeting the show for a fall launch.