American Idol kicks off its 10th season on Wednesday, January 19, with new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joining Randy Jackson. Many more changes for the show that go past the judges table were announced today, and here are some of the highlights below:

  • Elimination rounds will move faster than previous seasons, with the Top 24 being trimmed down to either a Top 12 or Top 15. Producers have still not decided on a final number, although viewer voting will still play a major part in the semi-finals.
  • - The online voting process is also undergoing some changes. A one-click voting structure is in the works and there is a possibility that voters could access bonus content from the show after their votes are cast.
  • - A new Idol Mansion will be used for contestant living arrangements. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, "was keen on it," according to one source.
  • - Music videos might be integrated into the show this season, for the contestants to display their acting abilities along with their voices. A final decision hasn't been made yet about the inclusion of music videos.
  • - Music releases from the contestants will also come much quicker this season, with the artists releasing new tracks as the season carries on.
  • - The American Idol set will be completely revamped and Theme Weeks are going through an overhaul as well, with songs selected that will more properly suit a contestant's voice.
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American Idol debuts its 10th season on Wednesday, January 19 on Fox.