Jason Biggs currently stars in the Fox sitcom Outmatched. However, he is arguably best-known for starring in the American Pie franchise. Biggs was able to convince some of his old castmates to join him on an upcoming episode of the new series, which will air next month. It's hard to believe, but it's been over 20 years since American Pie burst on to the scene and changed the teen comedy landscape. The original cast got together last summer to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Jason Biggs' American Pie co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Eddie Kaye Thomas will join him on Outmatched. The show centers on Biggs' Mike character, who is a home contractor, and his wife Kay (Maggie Lawson), who is a casino pit boss. Together they are struggling to raise four children and three of them just happen to be geniuses. In an effort to get out of the house and hangout with more adults, Mike and Kay go out to dinner with some helicopter parents of a few of their kids' classmates. The helicopter parents will be played by Hannigan and Thomas.

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While it has not been stated, this role could lead to future guest appearances on Outmatched and may even provide more American Pie co-stars down the line. In the American Pie franchise, Alyson Hannigan portrayed Jason Biggs' love interest, and later wife, Michelle, while Eddie Kaye Thomas was Biggs' friend Finch. The franchise went on to spawn four sequels, but none of them were able to live up to the first installment. With that said, fans would love to see the original cast all get together again for a project.

While the American Pie reunion episode of Outmatched won't air until March, Tony Danza guest stars on this week's episode. 68-year old Danza plays Jay, Mike's dad, who is visiting from Florida. Danza is playing a too-cool-for-school grandfather and he is pretty tripped out by his grandsons and their behavior. Regardless, it looks like the veteran actor was a perfect person to play Jason Biggs on screen father. While the sitcom just premiered in January, it has been getting good reviews and there are sure to be more viewers when Danza and the American Pie actors come by for guest starring roles.

Outmatched airs Thursday nights at 8:30PM on Fox. The exact date of next month's American Pie reunion has yet to be revealed, but we should find out within the next few weeks. Jason Biggs recently commented on a scene from the 1999 teen comedy that could not be re-made today. He's referring to the scene where Biggs' character and his friends record Shannon Elizabeth's character without her consent. At the time, Biggs was more shocked at the fact that there were cameras on computers. Whatever the case may be, don't expect that homage to Revenge of the Nerds and Porky's to happen again. Entertainment Weekly was the first to report on the American Pie reunion.