Another clever YouTuber has taken some time out of the day to create a new hilarious mashup. This time around, we see a supposed deleted scene from American Psycho reimagined with Pokemon cards. The video is absurd and pretty perfect for Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman character to get a little jealous over his coworker's Pokémon cards. The latest fan-made video comes after some pretty stellar videos involving curious Porgs staring down the wrong end of a Lightsaber and Bruce Lee fighting in Fists of Fury with Lightsabers. This new American Psycho video is still good, even though there are no Lightsabers in it.

YouTuber Demi Adejuyigbe made the new video and claims that it was a deleted scene for the 10th anniversary DVD edition of American Psycho that Lionsgate never put out. Additionally, the scene in question was made to appeal to children of a younger audience to get them into the movie. Right away, something is different, as you can see a Poke ball art in a frame along with Pikachu and Charizard. But the video is just getting started.

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In the original scene, Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman and his coworkers are showing off their fancy new business cards, each one better than the next while their supervisor talks about going to a fancy restaurant. However, this video is different and sees Bateman throw down a Cubone Pokémon card with 40 hp, which he is very excited about. Bateman is then shut down when a coworker throws down a slightly better card with the Togepi. Another coworker throws down his card and it's a Ditto with 60 hp. But they're all put to shame when the supervisor's card gets thrown down, featuring the Snorlax and 100 hp.

The scene is bizarre enough of as it is, but watching grown men argue the merits of their Pokémon cards is pretty hilarious. All of the cards and wall art are all from the first edition of initial run of Pokémon cards, which featured 150 different characters and are considered by many to be the essential cards to have in a collection. Thrown into Bret Easton Ellis' serial killer masterpiece and it's just perfect for Patrick Bateman to start unraveling over, beginning to sweat and stare in disbelief as he learns that his card is the weakest of the bunch.

American Psycho was released in April of 2000 to positive reviews and critical praise heaped upon Christian Bale and his unhinged performance. The movie did well at the box office and is considered by many to be some of Bale's finest acting up until that point. A direct-to-video sequel starring Mila Kunis was released in 2002, which was quickly denounced by author Bret Easton Ellis and Kunis has since called the sequel an embarrassment. The first-ever live-action Pokemon movie goes into production this year. You can check out the American Psycho and Pokémon mashup below, courtesy of Demi Adejuyigbe's YouTube channel, which is much better than the sequel.