Let the next revolution begin! The comedy adventure American Rescue Squad is coming to DVD today, and to celebrate, we have an exclusive clip. Directed by Elliot Diviney, this promises to be one of the funniest superhero movies of the summer!

In American Rescue Squad, a group of mysterious villains known as "The Alliance" sets a trap for the Taxpayer. They imprison him, torture him, and make plans to publicly crucify him. Local janitor Richard Randolph rounds up retired Superheroes, and hatches a plan to rescue the Taxpayer. The villains stage a public rally, where many citizens come to watch the Taxpayer's crucifixion.

The heroes must invade the bad guy lair, and a large battle ensues. Various comedic and action-packed musical numbers are intertwined throughout the madness. In the midst of the big political debate and battle for mankind will the heroes save the day? Find out today! But first, take a look at our exclusive sneak peek as a new team of crime fighters are introduced, and their powers are tested:

B. Alan Orange