A brand new video has been released from the upcoming comedy sequel American Reunion, which hits theaters nationwide on April 6, 2012. Take a look at this slideshow below, which features the main casting posing for their reunion photos. You can also take a look at what cast members Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott had to say about the reunion.

American Reunion Cast Photo

Seann William Scott, who returns as Stifler, revealed that while his cast mates have grown up a lot in the 12 years since the original American Pie, there were still plenty of immature antics on the set.

"In many respects we've grown up a lot. But on the other hand we haven't grown up at all. On set, Jason Biggs was farting up a storm, Chris Klein was belching, and Eddie Kaye Thomas and Biggs were hitting each other in [the groin]."

Jason Biggs also said there will always be a special connection between his American Reunion cast mates.

"We realized that no matter how much we may have changed individually, as a group we will always be connected and have a special chemistry that arises immediately when we're together."

Seann William Scott also revealed that his Stifler character will be the wildest he has ever been in American Reunion.

"We didn't put any rules on what he would say or what he would do. He is way crazier than we have ever seen him."