Triple X: Tragedy struck the set of Triple X this week when an American stuntman was dragged into the support column of the Palackeho Bridge in Prague. Dark Horizons posted a bit about the accident earlier this week with a link to Czech online paper iDNES (Today). I've found a Czech source who has translated the article. Here are a few bits from the article:

The stunt being shot was one in which a man is being dragged behind a high tech speedboat on a sort of parasailing rig. At the right moment, the man was to have disconnected from the parasail and drop into the river Vltava. On the first take, everything went as planned, but the director needed another shot, so they mounted up again. It was on the second take that the tragedy happened. The stuntman who's name has not been released was apparently unable to release himself from his harness and collided with a bridge support pillar. He died instantly.

"He was too high and it wasn't safe for him to drop to the water from that height," said a witness. Czech police are investigating the incident. A spokesperson for the Czech emergency response team commented that only police and a coroner were dispatched. There is an information embargo right now, but a crew member was willing to talk under condition of anonymity to Czech news sources. He had this to say: "It's terrible luck. We had the wrap party the night before, but they decided to get some more shots just to have some stuff for the editing room." The Americans are set to leave Prague next week.

The films producers had no comment. It has been 20 years since a stuntperson died in Czech.

The last non-lethal accident on a Prague film set occurred on the set of Blade 2 when Wesley Snipes and several crew members were exposed for over six hours to the same UV lights used in tanning beds. Snipes and the crew were briefly hospitalized with retinal and minor skin burns after the UV lights, which are used for steralization in real morgues, were used in a morgue set.

Trading Stars: Within a six block radius this past week, were 3 films sharing 3 actors. Christopher Walken was completing his work alongside Ben Affleck in the Martin Brest film Gigli. Walken will next segue to Catch Me If You Can.. for Steven Spielberg. Affleck is just weeks away from starting DareDevil, which is building sets on a 5th street rooftop. Jennifer Garner (tv's ALIAS), worked today on Catch Me If You Can, and will next go over to star as Elektra with Affleck in DareDevil. Also in the area were two commercials and a tv pilot for ABC called The Oath starring William Fichtner (Armageddon, The Perfect Storm), and John Hannah (Sliding Doors, The Mummy Returns).

Gigli: The Martin Brest film starring Ben Affleck, J. Lo, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken wrapped up last night in downtown L.A. according to a source. J. Lo and Affleck reportedly gave all of the crew members iPods as wrap gifts. Niiiice. By the way, the films title is pronounced Jsheeeeeeeleeeee. I think it's French.

Anger Management: The Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson film started up this week at L.A. City Hall. We'll get you some set details when we can.

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