Wonder Woman 2 Will Have Diana Prince in a New Costume

Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 2 will see Gal Gadot's DC superhero in a brand new costume.

Promoting the pre-production stages of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman sequel, Warner Bros. Pictures revealed concept art of a new costume for Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 2 at the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. While the concept art cannot be shared online due to legal issues, some descriptions have at least surfaced.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to bring back Gal Gadot in the titular role, in addition to bringing back director Patty Jenkins. Furthermore, former Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig is set to play the antagonist role in the movie, who has been revealed to be Cheetah. The setting of the Wonder Woman sequel will be during the Cold War, which will be decades after the first movie. Hopefully, the similar war tone will carry over from the first movie, while still telling a great new story for the iconic female superhero.

Journalist Daniel Eliesen, who was in attendance at the Licensing Expo, tweeted a brief description of the new super suit that he saw. The tweet was later taken down, but not before people were able to get a verbal glimpse of what to expect. Here is how Eliesen described the new Wonder Woman costume.

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"Cheetah was literally a tease image based on what they want it to look like. Hard to explain but probably what you think, for WW it's a battle gear, pretty cool."

This description is certainly intriguing, not just about the reveal of Cheetah, but more so the upgrades to Wonder Woman's costume. While her costume was already armored in the first Wonder Woman which released last year, in addition to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, this new suit may have a bit more gear. Perhaps a utility belt like Batman's won't be out of the question, and there's a good chance that her arms and legs will be completely covered this time around.

While most of the information regarding Wonder Woman 2 is still under wraps, it is great to get reports like this. Up until now, the only news that we heard was about casting and that the movie would take place during the Cold War, with little information about Diana Prince herself. This change in Wonder Woman's costume will be exciting, as for the most part, her costume has been almost identical between all three of her appearances so far in the DCEU (with the exception of her armor at the beginning of Wonder Woman).

While the battle geared outfit described by Daniel Eliesen is most likely not going to be completely different from her previous appearances, as it will still likely bear her red and blue color scheme, we can imagine that the new suit will at least be more bulky. Perhaps as the weapons of war advanced in the Cold War, so did the need for Wonder Woman's armored protection. As exciting as the battle sequences in Wonder Woman were, the battles of Wonder Woman 2 are sure to be even bigger. We will find out for sure how big the Cold War will be for Diana Prince when Wonder Woman 2 releases in theaters November 1, 2019.