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NBC's popular new sitcom Parks and Recreation is set to return for a hilarious second season on Thursday, September 17th, at 8:30/7:30 central. From Emmy Award-winning executive producers Greg Daniels (NBC's The Office and Michael Schur (NBC's The Office) comes the second year of this new mockumentary that looks at the exciting world of local government. The half-hour comedy examines the mundane but necessary ways that people interact with their government, and ask why it's frequently so complicated. As everyone knows from standing in line at the DMV, applying for home construction permits, or trying to get the city to fix a pothole. The documentary cameras follow Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana. In an attempt to beautify her town, and advance her career, Leslie takes on what should be a fairly simple project: Help local nurse Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) turn an abandoned construction pit into a community park.

Opposing them are defensive bureaucrats, selfish neighbors, real estate developers, and single-issue fanatics. Whose weapons are lawsuits, the jumble of city codes, and the very democratic process that Leslie loves so much. Leslie is alternately helped and undermined by her colleague, Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) who cheerfully exploits his government position for personal gain. She is also thwarted by her boss, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), who is philosophically opposed to government in any form. Helping Leslie and Ann navigate the Pawnee bureaucracy is charismatic city planner Mark Brendanawicz (Paul Schneider), whose outlook has been soured by 15 years of public service. If they can pull it off, Leslie hopes that she also will have inspired her uninterested college intern April (Aubrey Plaza) and April's whole generation. All the while moving one step closer to her ultimate goal: becoming the first female president of the United States.

Stars Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari recently met up for a chat about their very funny future on Parks and Recreation. Here is what they had to say:

First question is the characters on Parks and Recreation are a little oblivious to how other people see themselves and, you know, they're really dedicated to their personal goals but they kind of blow things out of proportion like when Leslie cracked into the gift basket last season. How do you approach working on a character who's kind of a loveable loser but you want to keep them looking human without making them look too much like a cartoon.

Amy Poehler: Well I would say, Michael, that I think that Leslie has good intentions but no game. And so she's not dumb she's just isn't suave. So I have to straddle the line between figuring out what she actually, you know, what she kind of knows about a situation but how she doesn't have many skills as how to play it. And Aziz?

Aziz Ansari: And I watched the movie There Will be Blood with Daniel Day Lewis's commentary on it.

Amy Poehler: Right.

Aziz Ansari: And I just listened to what he said and that's the same technique I applied for my acting and that's why I'm going to win an Academy Award this year I hope.

In the TV category?

Amy Poehler: I'd like to point out that Aziz might win an Academy Award but I'm going to win an Acomedy (sic) Award. Yes so I'll see you there Aziz.

You're just kind of still getting started with your characters. You did the six episodes now you're in your second season; do you feel like you have a good handle on the character, like you know them through and through or is it kind of a learning process as you go along?

Amy Poehler: Well I do think that we're lucky, you know, we just had a seasonette (sic), kind of a little season and so we're still in the second season getting into the groove. And so I think, you know, I feel really excited about this next season because I think we're all kind of figuring out who we are and where we're supposed to be. But, you know, it's a constant evolution and learning process. And Aziz teaches a workshop - an acting workshop called Evolution and Learning Process, right Aziz?

Aziz Ansari: Yes, I teach that class while we're shooting. And, you know, it costs $500 a session and so far Amy has taken a couple of classes.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Aziz Ansari: And Aubrey has taken a few and it's going great. You know, I think like Amy said it's really cool that, you know, there's still so much to find out about these characters. In the second season I think you learn so much more about, you know, me and Amy's characters but also some of the characters we didn't get to see that much of in Season 1 like Ron, there's like a lot of really funny stuff with him. And, you know, you really get to see more of all the characters and it's really fun.

In your first group of episodes you guys were of course compared to the Office the way the show was shot and everything. Do you kind of hope that goes away this second season, you kind of become your own show and not under that shadow?

Amy Poehler: Well certainly we are both huge fans of the Office so any time that our - we're mentioned in the same sentence as them it's a compliment. But I think people will see this season what the show is and how it's different and certainly in its own way.

Aziz Ansari: I hope this season we get compared to that show NCIS with LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell.

Amy Poehler: I hope we get compared to Man versus Wild.

I was wondering if Leslie was the President of the United States what's the first thing she would do?

Amy Poehler: Oh she would probably create a central park in every city. So she would like probably reclaim back urban areas and developed areas and make like giant central parks in every city or every state in the United States. I think that would be the first thing she would do. She'd make it really green. That and she probably like had like mandatory dance parties in public schools.

In the upcoming season we see a couple of gay penguins, some marijuana growers. What are other hard-hitting topics you guys are going to tackle in Season 2?

Aziz Ansari: There's an episode out of the - I believe the third episode is Leslie and I judge a beauty pageant in Pawnee and that was really fun. And then in the fourth episode we deal with some of Leslie's - Leslie has a romantic interest (unintelligible) character and she's getting ready for a date with him. And then the other story is myself and the rest of the people in the office start digging up dirt on each other, you know, in like a kind of a game like oh like what if one of us ran for public office what kind of dirt would they dig up. And we find some really interesting things out about everybody.

Amy Poehler: Yes and we don't want to overreach but every single episode will have life, death, happiness, sadness, anger, rebirth, redemption and a very clear conclusion and this is going to happen every week in 21 minutes. I don't want to overreach but I think that that will happen.

Aziz Ansari: It's kind of like that HBO show Angels in America.

Aziz, how do you think Tom would fit into real world politics?

Aziz Ansari: How would Tom fit into real world politics? I think he would probably do pretty well. He seems like a guy that's pretty ambitious and sleazy and, you know, knows how to work - wiggle his way around. So I would say he'd probably be okay; he seems like a pretty determined, focused dude but he's also a douche bag but I don't know.

You're always so effortless when you make these characters come to life. How much effort is really put into making them look effortless though?

Amy Poehler: I am trying so hard. The thing is you ever see someone run a marathon that hasn't trained very well. That's what I'm doing. It is - I'm telling you, if it looks effortless I'll tell you behind the scenes it's like - I'm like in a strong-man contest pulling a car. That's how hard it is for me.

You are an amazing actress in movies and TV, is there anything else you would like to try your hand at?

Amy Poehler: You know, I think I'd like to - I think - I don't know if it's too late but I think I'd like to develop software that will make me really rich. I don't know if that's too late but that's my next move. I mean I don't have any skills for it, I don't really have any ideas but my eyes are on the prize so I'm looking forward to developing some software that will make me really rich.

Aziz, you were walking around Trader Joes getting free samples and trying not to be suspicious. What else do you do your spare time?

Aziz Ansari: What else do I do in my spare time? I've gotten into street racing like in, you know, in the Fast and the Furious so like I've been doing the Tokyo drifting. I do that around Los Angeles. And it's great because, you know, everyone just started drifting now and it's just - it changed the game so it's an exciting time.

Amy Poehler: Yes, a lot of people don't know that movie is about your life.

Aziz Ansari: It's true, it's a bio-flick.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Since you were hoping to be like NCIS LA, are you hoping that LL Cool J can help your rapping skills a little, give you some advice?

Amy Poehler:

Oh my God I would love it. Aziz, you could show LL Cool J a thing or two.

Aziz Ansari: Sure why not?

Amy Poehler: I'll tell you right now.

Greg Daniels was recently quoted as saying that he got better at writing for Amy so what changed and what can we expect as we enter Season 2?

Amy Poehler: Oh well I think people - we're all just kind of figuring out what Leslie's motivations are and stuff. And I think like any new show, you know, you just kind have to get things up and running and figure out where the bathrooms are. So now that we've kind of got stuff going I think we're in a really good groove. And I think the next upcoming season is just a lot of enjoying the crazy world that Leslie creates for herself and all the people that are in it.

Sitcoms in recent years have really been hit and miss. What does it mean to come back and to have a second season?

Amy Poehler: Oh it's huge.

Aziz Ansari: Yes I think we both feel like, you know, to just be on a show that's really good and to work with like the great cast and the crew that we have and writers and everything it's a real treat. And just to be able to do it is a huge blessing and I don't think we take it for granted for a second.

Amy Poehler: No, for sure. In this economy it's nice to be working. And we know the second season isn't a guarantee. But I hope - I mean I've signed on for like 100 seasons. So we'll see if that, I mean, we've got like what 98 to go.

Can you talk about Leslie's relationship with Tom and how it evolved through the second season?

Amy Poehler: Well you know, you're going to see a couple times this season that Tom - he shows he's a real softy.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, there's some Tom being a little sensitive here and there.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Aziz Ansari: But he's still a douche bag most of the time but every now and then.

Amy Poehler:

Yes and Leslie thinks that Tom is her Batman but in many ways he's kind of - he always kind of gives her the skinny on what's really happening in real life.

What do you guys like about your characters individually?

Amy Poehler: I like how hot my character is. Right, Aziz?

Aziz Ansari: Yes, she's super hot.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Aziz Ansari: That's definitely a plus. For Tom, you know, it's always fun playing - it's always fun playing a guy that you would hate, you know, like so it's kind of a fun attitude to just play this, you know, really kind of - like a prick dude. You know, and, yes, so I think that's why I enjoy playing Tom.

What was it like working with Louis C.K. on this season?

Amy Poehler: It was awesome. I've known Louis for a really long time and we're both just huge fans of his work. And think he's so funny. And I'm just excited because I think he's such a great actor; I'm excited for more people to see that.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, you know, Louis is I think the best standup working. And I was thrilled when I found out he was working on the show and he knocked it out of the park; he was awesome.

I wanted to shoot this at Aziz because we haven't had a chance to talk to you before. It seems like some of the best comedy actors now started in these sketch troops and both you and Amy both started in sketch troops. Tell us a little bit about how you got started. How did you get formed anyway and kind of how do you think that shaped your acting now?

Aziz Ansari: Well I was doing standup in New York and I started performing with a couple of guys that did stuff at the theater and he founded the UCB Theater. And he just shot some short films with this guy (Jason Wilner) who directed them. And then, you know, MTV saw the shorts and we got a show from that and did a couple of seasons. And, you know, that kind of was, you know, the thing that got me the other acting work I've done. And, yes, it was a huge learning experience of course. Yes, it was really fun.

Because it seems like you get to do so much more with sketch comedy because you can see so many different kinds of humor so quickly. Do you think that really helped shape you quickly as an actor that way?

Aziz Ansari: Yes, you know, I guess the thing about sketch is you know you can do anything, you know, you can play any kind of attitude and your character can change any second. And that's kind of the reason I was excited to do this show because, you know, it'd be kind of cool to do something a little bit more grounded and kind of really get into one character and figure that out really well. And so, yes, you know, I think it's cool to come from a sketch background I guess but, you know, I'm excited to do what we're doing on the show too.

You've done some that were kind of like ethnic-specific characters in other roles. I bet Tom Haverford was not created ethnic specific at all; he was probably just a very general character on the script right?

Aziz Ansari: No, I mean, they knew I was going to do that part before they wrote it. They just gave him a name like, you know, an Indian name for, you know, a reason as explained in the script. But, yes, you know, I never really do any kind of like big ethnic characters. I just feel that stuff is kind of, I don't know, just not really my cup of tea so, you know.

And in truth your background is - are your parents from India or your grandparents from India or what?

Aziz Ansari: My parents are from India.

I want to know, I mean, do you think that you guys personally could hack it in like a local government kind of job? It seems like the worst or like you would just be jaded after like day two or something you know?

Amy Poehler: Well, Monica, you know the thing I couldn't handle? The lighting. It would - the lighting would just wear me down.

Aziz Ansari: I think like if you're actually trying to get something done like it would be like really hard. Like if you were actually trying to like, you know, build a park or something I think what would happen to me is like I would initially maybe try to do something and then I would just be on instant messenger all day talking to my friends and going on Gmail.

If you have to jump through hoops to get like anything passed, you know...

Amy Poehler: Well and, you know, and Monica I got to meet, you know, a director of parks and recreation and they're really amazing people certainly. They do so much for so many people. And they're really in many ways like unsung heroes. They create these recreational experiences for people and people don't really know who that person is. And the job itself is a highly respectable job which we poke constant fun at all the time.

Have you guys come across any really crazy local or city codes that you've find kind of researching a little bit for this?

Aziz Ansari: The thing I always found when I was reaching stuff that always cracked me up was like you would actually see like message boards or something where like someone from a parks department be like how long have I been saying that this would be the best idea for a TV show? I told you my work is so funny. You know, and they're like finally, you know.

What about your own kind of local government headaches? Have you guys had like nightmare DMV trips or like nightmares trying to get like a permit for something random or anything like that?

Amy Poehler: Well, you know, gosh I'm trying to think of the last time that...

Aziz Ansari: Amy and I...

Amy Poehler:


Aziz Ansari: Amy and I have both had a long struggle with getting tickets for public urination and, you know, that's probably - that's probably the major thing we've had to deal with personally.

Amy Poehler: Yes, whenever we go in to pay the tickets we end up publicly urinating again and it's just like...It's a vicious cycle. Yes we can't stop.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, it's tough.

Aziz, you had talked about how it's kind of nice to be in one character as compared to sketch comedy where you're doing so many. And Amy I just wanted to get your kick on that where on, you know, Saturday Night Live you could be doing up to 10 characters a night; how has it been just kind of focusing more on one person?

Amy Poehler: You know it's been awesome to be able to just settle in and play someone and really kind of figure out where they're coming from and how they would act and behave. The great thing and the exciting thing about SNL is how versatile you get to be in that show. But the characters can be very transient and the experience can be very temporary; it starts anew every week. And so it's been nice to settle in and play someone who I could believe would actually maybe exist in the world.

And one of your most well known impressions kind of had a little chaos with the passing of Michael Jackson. Do you think you'll retire that impression ever or keep going with it?

Amy Poehler: My Michael Jackson impression? I think that - I'll only do it if Rachel Dratch joins me and does her Elizabeth Taylor.

And one more quick question, I'm a giant fan of you and your husband Will Arnett. Do you guys think you would ever consider kind of Tori Spelling style reality show where cameras follow you guys around and especially with your new role as parents?

Amy Poehler: Well I think that show would be really boring because it would be a lot of us talking about our schedule and then watching hour-long dramas. So I think it would be a lot of us - you'd be watching us watch hour-long documentaries and dramas so I don't think it would be as spicy; I don't think it would be a big hit.

And you think you're going to grow up to be a cool mom like your character Mrs. George from Mean Girls?

Amy Poehler: No, no. It's a bad role model.

A question for you Amy, wondering if you have any thoughts on the casting changes at your old digs at Saturday Night Live?

Amy Poehler: No not really. I don't have any thoughts. I think the women - I know them from UCB and they're terrific performers. And all the performers that are there now and have been there are all great so I wish everybody the best who are coming and going.

Now do I have this right, you're going to also do the six or so weekend update Thursday installments this fall?

Amy Poehler: Yes, I'm only going to do the first two. The day of our premiere, it's the 17th and then the following week I'm going to be doing those first two. And I'm excited to be going back and excited that we're going to have such a strong SNL show as lead-in for our season premiere.

And how does that work? Do you have to fly back to New York or what - logistically how does that happen?

Amy Poehler: Well I tried to get them to move the entire studio out here and they said no so - no I' m going to fly back to New York and we have a hiatus so I'll be back there for two weeks on that. And I really miss home so I can't wait to get back there.

Aziz, wondering about the ongoing fate of Shutterbugs; is that gone?

Aziz Ansari: Oh man I think we really - we blew it out in the second season. I think the bugs are done for now. But, you know, that'll always have a special place in my heart.

I have a quick question, you know, Amy Ryan on the Office was such an unexpected surprise when she came in and there was this love story between her and Michael. And I'm wondering will Leslie similarly ever find love?

Amy Poehler: Oh boy. I hope so. I mean certainly this season she's trying to get over an unrequited love and, you know, turn her face towards a better and perspective future. And Louis C.K. comes in for a couple episodes...As a police officer who is interested in Leslie. But I don't know I think I would like - I'd certainly like her find it. And who knows maybe she will.

Do you have any dream casting ideas for who that guy might be?

Amy Poehler: Let's see.

Aziz Ansari: For her eventual - well you were telling me Wesley Snipes right?

Amy Poehler: Yes either Wesley Snipes or Jimmy Carter as himself.

Excellent, excellent. And are there - generally speaking are there any other fun guest stars coming up that you can tease?

Amy Poehler: Yes, let's see, who do we - oh we have Fred Armisen just - we just did an episode with Fred where he plays a Venezuelan deputy director of a park in Venezuela which Leslie assumes is going to be a really crappy park and it's more beautiful than the one in Indiana.

Aziz Ansari: This week...

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Aziz Ansari: Paul Sheer from Human Giant actually and (John Benton) who was a really funny guy that did stuff on Human Giant and a bunch of other things; they're guest starring. Who else Amy?

Amy Poehler: The band Coldplay is going to be in every episode.

Aziz Ansari: That's true.

Amy Poehler: But you're not going to be able to see them, they're going to be hidden but they're going to be there.

Okay so kind of going off of what you were just talking about with this Louis C.K. coming in and, you know, trying to move on from the Mark Brendanawicz character, I mean, is that going to be easy for Leslie? Is she going to jump right at this multi-episode thing with Louis C.K. Is she receptive to that or how is that interaction going to go and will Mark be, you know, somewhat affected by that losing Leslie's, you know, affections?

Amy Poehler: Well, thank you so much because it sounds like you've actually watched the show. And I really appreciate that. And if you haven't you've done an amazing job of faking it so thank you. Wow. But I think it's going to be fun this season because basically what happens is Leslie just kind of decides she's over Mark and this guy Louis - that Louis plays, Dave, he comes in and he really likes her. And it's kind of fun to investigate when, you know, when women are always talking about they're looking for the right guy and then that guy comes in and he really likes her and they're just like not interested. And you don't know why. I think Leslie is having a hard time figuring out like how to act around a person who is just very available and into her. And so that's been a lot of fun to play. And I think that unfortunately her feelings for Mark Brendanawicz are not completely over. But who knows, you know, you know, I'm glad that you just said oh because it means you're invested. And I am too so I hope that good things happen, but, you know, it's up to the writers and...and Jesus Christ.

What about the park, I mean, you guys are talking about all these little side storylines that are going to happen. Are you going in more of the direction, you know, not to compare it to the Office again but kind of like the Office after that mini first season where everything was focused on one thing. Are you guys branching away from just the specific park thing and focusing on mini storylines or how are you going to do that?

Amy Poehler: We are actually. I mean, the pit is a constant kind of thing that kind of symbolizes Leslie's frustration. And we are - we're checking back with it but certainly as the world gets a little bit bigger and the show gets a little bit more oxygen I think we're allowing ourselves to go in different places and not be the story about the pit. But it's certainly always there...

Aziz Ansari: Yes.

Amy Poehler: the background reminding...

Aziz Ansari: Yes I think we've come...

Amy Poehler: ...yes, Leslie of her potential.

And, Aziz, what about Tom? I mean he's always - he's a big talker but anything specific coming for your character - any lady loves or anything like that?

Aziz Ansari: You know, you find out a little bit more about his relationship with his wife and, you know, there's some fun stuff playing with that. And there's an episode - in the third episode he gets to judge a beauty pageant which for him of course is going to be a blast. And, you know, there's a lot of fun stuff. I think that, you know, like we were saying earlier with the second season I think you get to learn a lot more about all the characters because, you know, we only have six episodes there's only so much you can delve into with all these guys. But in the second season I think we get to go a little bit deeper and figure out who these people are.

Does Tom, your character Tom, does he really like Leslie like will there ever be a real friendship there or no?

Aziz Ansari: I think so. I think they've - I don't think he's a mean spirited guy ultimately. I think he enjoys poking fun but I think he does care about Leslie and I think in this season you do see he's not like a cold hearted dude or anything, you know.

Amy Poehler:\ No and I think he's just - Leslie's frustrating him because she just has no clue about how to play the game. So in many ways Tom sometimes protects her from furthering her embarrassment. You know...I think that there's - and I think it's kind of cool in Season 2 there's a couple instances where you kind of see that where you see Tom kind of being more of a real person and telling Leslie that she kind of deserves a good guy in her life and those kinds of things are nice. And what I like about working with Greg and Mike is that they allow these kind of small sweet moments in a show that's very funny and I'm always, you know, as a viewer I'm kind of a sucker for those moments so I like them when they come around.

You mentioned Fred Armisen is going to be on. Is there anyone you'd like to guest star on the show?

Amy Poehler: Johnny Depp.

Aziz Ansari: Johnny Depp, Lebron James.

Amy Poehler: Roger Federer. I want Johnny Depp to play anyone at any time on the show but Johnny Depp, Roger Federer, who'd you say, Lebron James...

Aziz Ansari: Lebron James, Trent Reznor, maybe there's a plot line where Nine Inch Nails wants to do a show inside the pit and, you know, we have to get permits for it and stuff like that and he plays himself.

Amy Poehler: I'd love those kids that sing that song You're a Jerk, I know. Who are those kids, Aziz?

Aziz Ansari: New Boys.

Amy Poehler: The New Boys.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, maybe there's an episode where they get caught doing something bad and we have to take them under our wing and they're like - they're just like you're a jerk and they're like I know.

Amy Poehler: Let's see, Clint Eastwood, all the - Betty White, Carl Reiner and...

Aziz Ansari: I'd love to get everyone from show NCIS Los Angeles to also come on our show and do like a hybrid show, you know, so like LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell's characters for that show have to deal with some problem in Los Angeles where like the criminal like escapes to Pawnee and then to come to Pawnee and then like we have to join forces.

Amy Poehler: That would be amazing. We'll do a switcheroo. They call it a switcheroo in the business.

Is there anything you dislike about your characters?

Amy Poehler: Dislike? Yes, I think Leslie is like too trusting and that can be frustrating sometimes. Like - and I think she's - she and I we don't share the same musical taste. I don't like her taste of music.

Aziz Ansari: True. Tom, you know, I guess Tom is kind of a douche bag sometimes so I guess I would say I don't like that. But I enjoy playing it; I wouldn't like to hang out with a guy like that but I enjoy acting as a guy like that.

Is there any improv in Parks and Recreation?

Amy Poehler: Yes there's quite a bit. You know, what's great is the scripts are so funny and you also get to improvise so that's kind of a dream, you know, situation. And so we do play around sometimes. But the scripts have such good jokes in them that it's, you know, it's a great combination.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, and sometimes you will do things every now and then where it's like we'll get the script and they'll be like hey, you guys can improvise and make this funny. It's like oh yes well I think we're going to have to because the script is terrible. But mostly Parks and Recreation and the scripts are always great so it's always the best situation.

Do you have a favorite skit you did on SNL?

Amy Poehler: Do I? No I don't know, it's hard to pick just one, there's so many over so many years. So it kind of depends what, you know, probably my favorite stuff would be stuff that didn't even ever get on the show because, you know, as the years go by you tend to like reminisce about the things that no one ever saw. So I can't think of just one.

I had a question about for those who are interested in maybe becoming actors themselves I was wondering do you guys have any like weird rituals you do to kind of calm yourself before you go on camera, any method you recommend?

Amy Poehler: Interesting. Well I usually pull a production assistant aside and I yell at them. And what else do I do? And then, oh, I always - before I start any job I have to pretend that I quite, make a big deal and stomp off the set. And then I just immediately take a three hour nap and have cameras wait for me. And then I do every take - the first take of every scene I always do backwards just like to throw everybody off and then I take another nap. And then - oh and I have a double who does all my - like I have a double who does my scenes and my comedy scenes, action scenes and stuff like that. That wasn't funny. Aziz, say something funny.

Aziz Ansari: I do the same thing but I'm doing pushups the whole time.

That's skilled. And with your time in acting is there stuff you guys have learned to do every time, you know, you're on camera and stuff you've learned just to absolutely not do?

Amy Poehler: No I can't think of anything yet. Comedy-wide. Aziz?

Aziz Ansari: You know the one thing I've learned is when I do scenes I would always call Amy Amy and the director would be like why are you calling her Amy and I was like that's her name. And he was like no she's Leslie. I was like no her name's not Leslie it's Amy.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Aziz Ansari: And like I didn't understand what was going on and I just kept calling her Amy. And then they just stopped writing the character's names because they give them these other names and I didn't understand what was going on. So...

Amy Poehler: Yes and he had to...The idea of characters and stuff like that.

Amy, you've obviously done movies and TV. And I was just wondering have you, you know, decided really which one you prefer thus far?

Amy Poehler: You know what they're all different and unique in their own way. And honestly at the end of the day I just prefer working with talented people because it doesn't matter in what - if it's film or television as long as it's people that are talented and that you respect. And so that's why this job is such a dream job because I get to be surrounded by such people.

NBC's popular new sitcom Parks and Recreation is set to return for a hilarious second season on Thursday, September 17th, at 8:30/7:30 central.