Amy Schumer may not be the most liked actress in the industry right now, but it looks as though her future is bright nonetheless. Schumer has recently announced that she and her husband Chris Fischer are expecting a baby!

At this time, Schumer and Fischer have not revealed how far along in the pregnancy they are, but it certainly seems too early for them to be able to identify the gender. However, the way that Schumer announced the pregnancy was incredibly clever. She first took to her own Instagram and posted a clearly photoshopped image of Prince Harry and a pregnant Meghan Markle with the faces of herself and Chris Fischer over the faces of the royal couple. She captioned it with a tease that some exciting news would be announced on the Instagram of political journalist Jessica Yellin.

Yellin shared a few images on her Instagram story shortly after, including a long list of political candidates that she suggested people should vote for next month. However, the list ended with "I'm pregnant-Amy Schumer." While this was certainly an odd way for Schumer to announce her pregnancy, it certainly was done in a shocking way that blindsided almost all of her fans, while also bringing attention to an important subject.

Schumer has been happily married to Chris Fischer since February earlier this year. Unlike many other celebrity couples, Fischer isn't actually a well known face in Hollywood. Instead, he is a critically acclaimed cookbook author that also owns a few restaurants. Both Schumer and Fischer are incredibly successful, so it's safe to say that they both are in a financial state to bring a child into the world.

Though many people tend to hate on Schumer, her career has been wickedly successful since 2015 when she starred in the first feature movie that she ever wrote, Trainwreck. As both a stand-up comedian and a movie star, Schumer has made a name for herself, for better or for worse. She brings a level of sexuality to her comedy routine, which has made her stand out in recent years, especially considering that Schumer has also become a bit of an icon for plus sized women.

Some of Schumer's biggest hits at the box office have been Snatched, Trainwreck, and I Feel Pretty. Her comedy routines also tend to rake in a large number of viewers on streaming services like Netflix. However, it seems likely that Schumer will be taking a break from acting and from doing stand-up routines in order to raise her kid. Given how much she has made in recent years, there is no doubt that this is something that Schumer will be able to do.

Since Amy Schumer's Instagram first announced her pregnancy last night, a number of people have taken to the Internet to criticize Schumer, telling her that she will be a horrible mother and calling her fat, rather than celebrating the fact that this is great news. Regardless of your opinion Schumer, there is no denying that this announcement is a good thing, and will start a great new chapter in Amy Schumer's life. We hope that Schumer will have a happy and healthy pregnancy.