Elektra: It seems that an early Elektra teaser trailer may be floating around out there. Take a look at the description recently posted at Naturalflux7...

clear in the film via cgi shots, and the narration says something along the lines of the X-2 trailers about being "unique" or "different" .The trailer even mentions that Elektra comes "from the studio that brought you X-MEN" but declines to give a similar mention to Daredevil; from following material it's clear that FOX are trying to distance Elektra from the mixed reaction that DareDevil garnered in 2003. RELATED: Daredevil Star Worries That Spider-Man Rumors Could Ruin His Chance at MCU Return

But the good/evil themes are ripe, and Elektra seems to be the mentor or trainer of the younger girl, Abby Miller, who Elektra says in the trailer "will surpass me soon." Typhoid Mary also features pretty prominently and theres considerably strong CGI with an explosion blowing out a building at the ending of the trailer and such features as computer generated snakes appearing on a female character like the Medusa, with other snakes coming down some sort of passage plus a CG wolf emerging from one bad guy's body before running into a forest. Elektra also runs up a big old branch and splinters the wood by jumping into midair ala "Crouching Tiger" .Theres some "Kill Bill" and "Punisher" style action going on in the trailer, with kimonos and swords a plenty, and Elektra apparently training in a white outfit on an oriental stage next to a lake, but its all looking very dark and is done in low saturated colour.

It opens with the same dude out of the preview; who appears to be played by actor Jason Issacs[DeMarco] who is sitting next to a log fire commenting that Elektra's "Got the outfit, the swords [meaning sais] ". Whilst the narration puts an emphasis on Elektras presence as a "legend". Theres no real indication that Elektra was a character in Daredevil. Typhoid Mary walks past a plant, touching it [maybe they will add some CGI there, because if the plant dies it would seem alot cooler.] and then you witness Mary walk towards the camera out of a dark forest, with lots of greenery apparently in motion behind her. There was alot of narration, mostly saying things about the struggle between good and evil, a new power of darkness etc.

The CGI looks very strong as does the action, [both looking about as firm as Jennifer Garners Fihiinnnee phsyique] ; with a memorable scene seeing Elektra dive out of harms way as a bullet scrapes overhead. Another sees her standing in a clearing next to what seems to be a Well; [no, Samara didn't crawl out of this one] as two sharp metallic objects hurtle passed her. Familiar scenes from press release images like the "elektra aiming her crossbow" scene and the White Samurais clips feature too. Goran Vinsjic also makes a very very brief apperance, with the focus being on Elektra tasking the "evil" forces of The Hand. The now infamous Mary/Elektra kiss isn't fully in there, but Mary is shown clasping Elektras head whilst lying on top of her and looking at the camera.

The pic ends with Elektra walking into the darkness, and the blowing wind flowing over "Feb 14th". The text used for "Elektra" didnt have the sai dagger going through it like early promotion.

Im really sorry that i can't get the trailer up, but with an expected debut at theaters in the next two weeks, theres not long to wait. There will probobly be a few tweaks as the leaked version i saw was still under "condition of change".

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